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10 Best Sustainable Haircare And Skincare Brands

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Our health and well-being are directly affected by what we put in our bodies. What about the products that we use on our bodies, namely our skin?

Sustainability in skincare means that you can keep your skin and body healthy while being kind to the environment, using cruelty-free products and ethically sourced ingredients. Sustainability-minded skincare brands believe in the importance of creating long-lasting, high quality products that can be used to maintain a minimal skincare regimen.

From beginning to end, every aspect of their product life is ethical and eco-friendly.

What is the importance of sustainable skincare?

Good skincare is essential for glowing skin. But it can also make a difference in breakouts. You could be exposed to unregulated ingredients, toxic chemicals and other harmful substances by the products you choose.

The same mindset is used by the skincare industry as fast fashion. Consumers are enticed by brands to purchase the latest products, which can lead to half-empty skincare products. The global cosmetics industry produces 120 billion packaging units annually!

15 Top Sustainable Haircare and Skincare Brands

These are our top picks for sustainable haircare and skincare brands.

  • Fushi Wellbeing

Fushi’s passion is evident in every aspect of the conscious skincare brand. They source all ingredients ethically. They partner closely with farmers to ensure they are able to reap economic benefits and that their communities are supported.

They are 100% natural and cruelty-free, and all of their products have been certified organic. Fushi’s range of natural beauty products and vitamins are designed to enhance your health and nourish your body. You will feel pampered by the organic fresh pressed oils and butters, herbs, and your hair will feel nourished and refreshed. You can also revitalize your body with their natural health supplements, vitamins, and juices.

Fushi’s Really Good Oil for Hair is a must-have. This hero product is an award-winning winner that revitalizes frizzy, dry hair and makes it look really great!

  • KinKind

KinKind is a British family-friendly company that helps families make positive changes in their bathrooms. It makes it simple. The award-winning shampoos and bars were made in the UK, are non-toxic, gentle to use, and shipped directly through your letterbox.

You can choose from a variety of luxurious unisex bodywash bars. Each one is simple to use and produces the same results as bottled versions, but without any plastic or water waste.

You can actually see how many plastic bottles are being saved with each order! You can try their moisturiser bars. The bars can be used to replace multiple plastic bottles. They are packed with cocoa butter, which helps nourish the skin of the hands, feet and body.

  •  Soap Folk

Soap Folk is a small company that makes gentle, handcrafted soap bars and skin care products. It is located in the Stroud valley, just outside the Cotswolds.

They can be ordered as either a one-time delivery or a regular subscription. Also, you won’t find any palm oils, detergents or SLS. Soap Folk is committed to reducing waste and even offer an All Kinds Soap Subscription.

They provide bike drop delivery locally and have been awarded the Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free Champion’ award. Pebble is a big fan of the Soap Folk All Kinds Subscription. You can become a waste warrior and receive a shipment of off-cut soaps in a variety of sizes, scents, and shapes.

  • Shoreline Shaving

Shoreline Shaving is located in Manchester and offers 100% plastic-free shaving kits. They are also zero waste and environmentally friendly. Safety razors are available in two styles: a bamboo grain handle with chrome plating and a colourful metal razor with a textured grip.

The soap is also available in a luxurious orange-lavender shaving soap that is cruelty-free, natural, and free from sulphates and parabens. There are nine colors to choose from, and each razor is specifically designed to reduce irritation to the skin and to minimize shaving rash.

Shoreline Shaving also donates a portion of every bamboo razor that is sold to The Ocean Cleanup.Each Coral Collection razor sold is donated a percentage to charities that help protect coral reefs around the world.

  • Scintilla

Previously known under Conscious London, Scintilla has evolved to create sustainable, natural and ethical beauty and home products from simple formulas. They are women-led and based out of London. Their goal is to help you adopt skincare as a form self-care, and incorporate sustainable practices and swaps into your daily routine.

Their products are designed to help you connect with nature and to appreciate the power of plants. They are committed to making them affordable. Scintilla also donates 10% of its profits to charities that they believe in, such as Mind and SEED Madagascar.

Our favorite hand cream is the Bergamot & lemongrass. This rich, yet non-greasy hand cream is light and moisturizing. It absorbs quickly into the skin, bringing all the goodness of Shea butter and cocoa butter with them.

  • KIND2

KIND2 haircare products have been awarded for their quality and use only natural plant-based ingredients. They also do not contain any synthetic fragrances or colours. They are also vegan, cruelty-free, and have been certified microplastic free by the Plastic Soup Foundation. They are both soap-free and pH balanced so you don’t have to worry about a transition period. Two plastic bottles are saved for every bar.

KIND2 also works with a Social Enterprise that supports people with autism and learning disabilities to gain skills and employment. They plant trees with every order.

The Two in One shampoo and conditioner bar are made from upcycled Hemp seed oil, which is made from food waste. It was awarded the Best New Sustainable Hair Product at the 2021 Pure Beauty Global Awards.

  • MamaSia

MamaSia, a UK-based natural skincare and wellness brand, is an award-winning one. They combine traditional African principles with modern Western sensibilities to create their products.

Many of the ingredients come directly from their West African family lands. Ingredients include shea butter and cocoa butter as well as moringa, baobab, and moringa. They want to share their knowledge and inspire you on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. They also give back 5% of their income to rural Ghanaian family members.

Their Shea Zest Body & Hair Butter is amazing. This body butter is rich in lemongrass oil. It can be used for hydrating and nourishing skin and hair for up to 24 hours (skin), or up to a week (hair).

  •  Maiiro

Maiiro, one of the most loved sustainable skincare brands, uses hand-harvested seaweed in its beauty products. It is based on a Guernsey family tradition. The brand was born out of the need for natural skincare solutions that do more than just address skin problems.

The company’s signature Kelpogen5 collection uses five marine ingredients, including seaweed and the anti-oxidant Astaxanthin. This powerful combination protects and enhances the skin’s natural functions. Maiiro only uses organic and vegan ingredients, except for the lip balms which contain beeswax. These are cruelty-free and sustainably sourced to preserve the ocean’s ecological balance.

Try their Organic Anti-Blemish cream for a little pampering. This lightweight, fragrance-free, calming moisturizer instantly soothes and hydrates inflamed skin. It also won the Silver Medal in the “Problem Skin” category, and Bronze Medals in Men’s Grooming and Face Care in the Free From Skincare Awards 2021.

  • Milly and Sissy

Milly and Sissy have a commitment to making a positive difference in the environment through their range of eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free beauty products such as hand wash and shower cream. They only use natural ingredients up to 99.7%, except for synthetic fragrances.

To ensure their products are biodegradable as well as hypoallergenic, they avoid essential oils. They are free of SLS, parabens, and palm oil. All their products are available in reusable glass and aluminium bottles that can be reused using concentrated formulas in compostable bags. This reduces transport carbon emissions by 94%.

Their Zero Waste Sweet Cherry Handwash is a favorite of ours. It leaves your hands feeling soft, moisturized, and clean.

  • Beauty Kitchen

Beauty Kitchen is a B Corp-certified business with a mission to make the best, most natural, and sustainable beauty products around the globe. Their award-winning products are designed with sustainability in mind, from the Return*Refill*Repeat packaging to the microplastic-free ingredients.

Beauty Kitchen, a top natural skincare brand, is committed to making small changes that make a big difference. Leaping Bunny approves all their products and they are made in the UK. They donate 2% of their sales to charities such as the Seahorse Trust or the Plastic Soup Foundation.

The Seahorse Plankton+ High Definition Facial Oil is their hero product, which has been shown to increase collagen in as little as 24 hours. It helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dry lines, and face spots.

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