smiling woman wearing red blouse

10 Ways to hide your belly with the clothes

smiling woman wearing red blouse

You can hide your stomach and still look great. Here are some great ideas and tips to cover or hide your belly. After 40, many women experience weight gain, particularly after menopause or peri-menopause. You may notice a shrinkage in your waistline and will begin to show more of the apple body characteristics. It can be tempting to make your stomach look larger than it really is.

There are so many ways to cover your belly that you don’t have to look sloppy! Below are my 14 tips on hiding your belly with the right clothes.

Hidden Your Belly in Spring and Summer

Many of you are heading into warmer weather, which is something that many of us can look forward to. When it’s cooler, hiding a stomach can be easier. Layers of beautiful clothes and long, straight lines are a great way to do this.

You can still use some of these tricks in warmer weather. For a longer effect, you can opt for draped or asymmetrical styles. You can also choose wrap styles that allow you to alter the belt. Long cardigans with lighter weight ruanas can be worn for a more elongating effect.

Let’s now get to my 10 tips. For more flattering layers tips, read on.

1. Avoid tight or clingy garments that are too tight for your belly. Instead, choose tops with ruching or drape.

It is best to avoid tight tops if you want to be stylish and show off your strengths. They will highlight every fat area and draw attention away form you and your gorgeous clothes. Tops with ruching or draping are better.

Crossover tops are very effective. They also create asymmetrical vertical lines, which is a bonus. You can also choose tops in new season colors. The draped blouse is great for hiding your bellies because it doesn’t stick to your stomach. The flattering v neck can also help to lengthen your silhouette.

2. Wear leggings or skinnies with longer, draped or asymmetrical tops

Your best friend will be leggings or pants that can be tucked in to the stomach. They can be wrapped around your stomach and tucked in slightly. You will also look amazing with the many beautiful tunics and long tops available. Your belly will be noticed by everyone!

Leggings are strong but stretchy, and high enough to tuck in your stomach. They can be worn in full or cropped. They are fashionable because they have 3 buttons at the knee. They are great for casual and sport wear.

Leggings can be worn underneath to make your favorite pieces stand out, such as this tunic top. You can layer this piece with a shorter jacket or cardigan, and it will distract from your belly. You can use leggings and tummy tuck jeans to cover your belly in any season.

3. Use long cardigans, jackets and ponchos to create vertical lines that hide your belly.

Layering can be very effective in hiding a stomach. It is easier to do this during winter and fall, when layers are needed to keep warm. A cardigan or jacket can be added.

Depending on your location, this technique can still be used in spring or summer. You could also opt for a lightweight cardigan or a sleeveless vest, or a kimono, instead of a coat.

Both straight and waterfall designs work well and create a nice vertical line that will give the illusion of length. It will also distract from the eyes from your belly. You could also wear a cardigan in a different color, such as black, gray, or navy underneath, creating a slimming column effect at the center of your outfit.
Vertical lines can be created with cardigans, as discussed above. However, you can also wear shorter jackets to conceal a bump. You can confuse the eyes by wearing a biker jacket with a longer top. The different hem lengths will hide your stomach.

When it comes to concealing a belly, layers are your best friend. The longline cardigan creates nice long lines. The earrings draw attention to your face, and away from your belly. Your cardigan should be at least 2/3 of the length of your shoulders.

Cardigans that are shorter than straight will conceal your stomach, but they will also have a more boxy silhouette. This means you will need to be more careful styling them. Layering in spring or summer is possible depending on the weather, but you will need lighter fabrics. You can choose a vest instead of a cardigan. You can create long, vertical lines with a long vest, or you can choose a shorter waterfall vest.

Layer your top (sleeveless) with a vest. The vest cardigan can be worn with many tops, and looks great with skinny jeans and skinny pants. For summer, you can wear it with shorts and a tank top. It is also asymmetrical, which makes it more attractive. As you can see, layers can be added to your spring and summer outfits. All seasons are well served by sleevesless vests.

4. Do not overexaggerate your stomach by adding accessories like belts right on top of them

Belts are not an essential part of a coat, cardigan or top. Make sure your belt is a little higher so that you don’t draw attention to your stomach at its widest point.

Patterns can also help you to focus on a smaller stomach and can be combined with this trick. You can experiment with the location and method of fastening your belt to find what you like best.

5. Dresses that hide belly bulge, don’t cling and/or have a drape element

Your dresses should not cling to the stomach area. Many dresses with draping elements around the stomach area work well.

As they draw attention away form the belly, asymmetrical dresses are a good choice. To hide your stomach, dress with patterns and that don’t cling are great. You can add a statement necklace to the top of the dress, which will draw the eye upwards.

6. Wear tops over your skirts and pants, but don’t tuck them.

Tucking can draw attention to your non-existent waist again, so it is better to avoid this. Because if you tuck your shirt in, it will create a line across the widest part of your stomach.

Your top should be worn outside your skirt or pants. Pay attention to your overall balance. Don’t let your top touch your hips at the highest point.

Many women will love a short, loose blouse that falls on their stomachs. This look is enhanced by the asymmetrical hemline and the fact that I only wear one column of color under it.

7. Flattering Clothes for Big Stomach – Avoid wearing bulky garments around the stomach area

It’s not a good idea to embellish the area with pockets or other accessories. A vertical drape, such as the cardigan, could be a good option. It elongates well and hides well.

8. Wear asymmetrical tops to hide your belly

Tops with asymmetrical sides create diagonal and vertical lines, and can be used to disguise tummies.

9. Wear pants that tuck the stomach in

Your pants can have a big impact on how large your belly appears. Avoid buying pants that reach the middle of your stomach and create a large bulge.

You should instead wear pants with a higher rise. Also, a hat that can tuck your stomach in is a good choice.

Tummy-tucking jeans are also an option. These jeans come in two styles: elastic or regular waistbands. Some are made of stretchier fabric with smart control panels.

10. Tops with Prints

You should consider buying prints to hide your bellies. Combining a printed top and one of the belly hiding tips above will make your stomach look invisible.

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