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Top 14 Money Heist Characters and Why We love Them

It has been thrilling to watch the Professor and his gang in Netflix’s Money Heist (La Casa de Papel). It was as if La Casa De Papel Dali Costume Jumpsuit weren’t enough to keep viewers on the loop. Let’s take a look at the best characters in the show! The show follows The Professor, a genius who plans and executes two major heists along with a group of thieves who all assume the identities of well-known towns.

It has a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. It received positive feedback from all critics. This is actually amazing! Money Heist Costumes is responsible for these characters. Money Heist features a variety of characters you will either love or hate, and their roles have been changing in surprising and fascinating ways. No matter how you feel about each character, the program wouldn’t be complete without them. Here’s a list with the best characters from the show!

Money heist outfits helped the show to grow in popularity beyond all expectations. The entire season can be viewed in one day without stopping. This list was too important to ignore. Enjoy!

The Professor

Albert Einstein would envy this man if they were the same age. No doubt all criminal masterminds aspire to possess a mind like his. The genius behind the bank heists at Royal Mint of Spain (and Bank of Spain) is the Professor. Since he is able to trick the authorities, he considers himself a master at deception.

He is a perfectionist, who plans everything down to the last detail. But the authorities were able to outwit him. They tricked him into believing they had assassinated Raquel, his beloved. There’s a good chance that he will win the next season.


An angel was not able to drive the story forward. He was just there to follow Raquel around like a lost dog, hoping that she would fall in love. He was not lovable enough, even though his unrequited love should have won him compassion. If he had kept his wits about himself and done his job, he could have been a great help in catching Professor. Instead, he got too drunk and crashed his car.


Oslo, on the other hand didn’t shine quite as brightly as his fellow members of the original gang. We are still disappointed that Oslo and Helsinki didn’t get more attention. There was so much potential there. He made too many mistakes that compromised Professor’s grand plans and he ended up dying as a consequence. He is still a worthy candidate for the list, even though he was such a good sport.


Moscow deserves much more than what he got. His bond with his child was one of the most touching parts of the program. The scene in which he died is full of tear-jerking potential. Moscow, who comes from a difficult background, had to make hard choices to care for Denver. His role on the program left a void that no one was able to fill, and hopefully no one will try.


Monica started off with a bad start. We knew Monica as Arturuto’s mistress at the beginning, but her character developed over time. As the play progressed, Monica was quickly embraced by the audience. Her love story with Denver may be a bit shady, but it is still fascinating. Monica joins the group eventually and decides to have her child with Denver. She was a great performer and showed respect for the crew during the show. We are proud to have her on our list.


Rio was hired for his incredible hacking skills. He seems to be overwhelmed by the illegal life. He would rather be playing Mortal Kombat on his computer. He is vital to the story. At one point, he almost surrendered to the police. He must stay, as he is in love with Tokyo. Due to Rio’s negligence in keeping the identity of the gang secret, the audience developed a love-hate relationship.

At the beginning of the third season, he is the first person to be arrested. Interpol tracked his movements via phone conversation and it all ended when he was arrested. In an effort to force him to reveal the identities and motives of other thieves, the authorities tortured him. To save him, everyone is forced to leave their luxurious hideaways.


Denver was introduced the world of heists by Moscow. Low pay led to many people leaving the mining industry. He falls for Monica, one the captives, during the theft at Royal Mint (who happens to also be Arturo’s mistress). In a classic case of Stockholm Syndrome, Monica also falls for him. After falling in love with him, Monica joins the robbers. After Arturo’s successful theft at The Royal Mint, Monica and Arturo decide to have a child together. When the group reunites, Monica adopts Stockholm’s name. Ha! It’s very imaginative.


After many interactions with him, she does fall for the clever criminal. Later she is assigned the alias Lisbon and accompanies the robbers. Raquel is the main human component of the show. Raquel is living proof of the fact that love can strike at any time, even when you least expect it. She ends up retiring from police and starts working for The Professor. She remains by his side through the third season, when he watches and controls the workers from a hidden position.


Helsinki, a former soldier from Serbia, is the group’s muscle. He is a tough guy and does his best for the hostages. Darko Peric plays Helsinki. He started his career as a dentist and then moved on to acting and teaching at an academy for film. Helsinki is more like Berlin because despite his war experiences, he does not come across as a bully. He is a good friend to the other members of staff. He comes out as gay later in the series.


Nairobi, a master at minting and forging was charged with making sure that the Royal Mint robbery money was of the highest quality. She was a mother, a well-respected individual and a good example of discipline. At the end of season three, she is shot by a police officer sniper. After Inspector Sierra lured her to look through the window, she was able to see her son. It is not yet known if she will survive or die. However, we can be certain that she is not alive due to showrunners who murder off characters. What is the point of having good luck when people are decent?


Arturo has pledged to be Tariq’s most annoying TV character. His irritating behavior is what makes him so fascinating. Every time he comes to the rescue, you pray someone will punch him in his face. He speaks too much and is impolite in a way that is annoying to other captives. He even published a book depicting him as the rescuer after the first theft. For the second theft, he returns to the Bank of Spain willingly to recreate the incident.

Inspector Alicia Sierra

Although she can be quite nasty, there are many things to admire about her. The Professor and his staff are often harmed by Inspector Sierra while she is pregnant. She appears to be the only law enforcement officer to outwit him, causing him to lose control. She tricked Nairobi into entering The Bank of Spain’s window and then ordered the sniper not to kill her. In addition, she duped The Professor into believing Raquel was killed. Sierra is a cunning character and should have been introduced sooner.


Tokio is intelligent, charming and smart. She is also blessed with a Tokio Cafe Racer jacket. She is also the show’s narrator. Despite her poor manners, The Professor admires and respects her. She was one of the first people The Professor recruited to accomplish his goal. She was clearly one of his first recruits for this purpose. However, her stubbornness can cause problems for the group. In the third season, authorities were alerted to her whereabouts. It was her decision to leave Panama, where her boyfriend Rio had been hiding. The members, who had been living peacefully, were forced to reunite for another heist.


Berlin, the Professor’s half brother, was the second in command of the crew during the theft at Spain’s Royal Mint of Spain. Berlin was a rare TV character that is both funny and interesting. He was both charming and pompous all at once. It is one of the most memorable scenes in the series, when Professor and Berlin sing Bella Ciao from the Italian revolution song. As Berlin, Andres de Fonollosa gives a fantastic performance. He gives his life to ensure that his gangmates can continue to live.

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