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9 Fall Books to Warm Up with This Season

books on ground

Hot Take: Reading on the beach is not recommended. It’s the sand, the heat, it gets everywhere. The blazing sun keeps you from getting comfortable. Fall is the best time to read. It’s a great time to curl up under a blanket and sip warm drinks that are appropriate for the season.

Below, we give you a peek into the best fall reading lists. These titles are worth adding to your shelves, from Gabrielle Union’s intimate memoir to Sally Rooney’s eagerly awaited third novel.

Too Much and Not the Mood: Essays

The essays’ rhythm follows Chew-Bose’s thoughts and emotions. Her voice is strong and striking, drawing attention to the fact that each essay contains fragments and flashes of Chew-Bose’s inner world. She observes the world around and attempts to understand it through writing.

Street of Lost Footsteps: Rue Des Pas-Perdus

Troulliot tells the story through the eyes of his narrators. This creates a haunting, poetic and hallucinatory narrative about memory’s psychic powers as well as the clues that we find when we look back.

I Live Inside: Memoirs of a Babe in Toyland

All of them were self-taught musicians. They had no formal training and only played with each other so they were able create their own language. There is so much melody and meaning in all that dissonance. The original bassist was just 17 years old when she wrote this book.

The House of Mirth

She portrays New York’s aristocracy of the early 20th Century, when the lines between the have-nots and the haves are blurry. Complex characters will charm you as they battle for societal wealth. Wharton doesn’t always have a happy ending.

Black Swans: Stories

A collection of nine stories that offer a glimpse into the 1980s and ’90s of Los Angeles, Babitz explores the allure of that California lifestyle so many of us are intrigued by.

The Book of Accidents: A Novel

A family moves to rural America to help their son adapt to his special abilities. Strange things start happening around the family, even though the town is familiar. This book will be a page-turner for the season ahead, with just the right amount of horror and creepy suspense.

You Got Anything Stronger?

Union continues where she left off in this book and dives deep into her new life as mom and the challenges that have accompanied her career. Gabrielle is able to deliver witty, insightful writing in a funny and entertaining manner. This book is like a conversation with a friend. It’s full of stories that will lift your spirits, no matter what day it may be.

The Man Who Died Twice: A Thursday Murder Club Mystery

The story is about a detective team who meet an unwelcome visitor to help him recover from a robbery. The group adjusts quickly to locate the killer before the bodies start appearing. This hilarious mystery about who did it is perfect for group reading or book clubs.

After the Rain: Gentle Reminders for Healing, Courage, and Self-Love

Elle shares personal stories and guides lessons that offer daily reminders to self-compassion, courage, positivity and optimism. This book is an excellent way to get ready for the hectic days ahead, as work schedules start filling up again.

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