woman taking photo during daytime

12 Tips to Look Skinny in Photos: These Tips Actually Work

woman taking photo during daytime

A bad picture can have untold power. It can actually be very depressing, terrifying, and completely confidence-crushing. Although it might sound dramatic, even if you’re happy with how you look in the mirror every day, one glance at a bad photo can make your day. It can also cause us to obsess over trivial things such as how to look thin.

The good news? Unless your pictures are taken by professional photographers with lighting and sets, you won’t look perfect. This is the good news. It means that your iPhone photos or those of your friend who doesn’t know how to use her DSLR camera are irrelevant when it comes down to how you look.

How to look thinner and slimmer photos and pictures

There is a huge difference between being attractive or being photogenic. One doesn’t always translate to the other. It’s all about being able to see yourself in photos. This can be acquired over time. Did you think fashion bloggers were born pretending to hail a taxi while wearing Celine bags?

That said, there are a few low-maintenance measures to take if you know you’re going to be snapped–whether professionally or unprofessionally–that’ll make you instantly look thinner. Here are 12 tips to make your pictures look slimmer.

1. Use your tongue or stick your chin out. Although it might seem strange, sticking your chin out or extending your tongue slightly will help you avoid the appearance of a double chin. You can also give the illusion of thinner skin. Smile while putting your tongue on your roof. This trick is believed to be popular with Renne Zellweger and Heidi Klum.

2. You should never be photographed below unless Annie Leibovitz is behind the lens, and even then, we would think twice. This angle is the least flattering and can make you appear heavier. Although it can be done head-on, it is even more effective if the camera’s level is slightly higher than you. You will need to look up because of the angle. This can elongate and thin your neck and torso.

3. It sounds simple, but it is important to dress appropriately if you are going to be photographed. It’s a good idea to wear only one color. Shapewear is also a good option if you are wearing a tight or formal dress.

4. Your body should be turned. We’ve seen celebrities do this. Turn your body slightly to the side and place one foot in front the other. Next, point your toe towards the camera and then place your weight on your back foot. Usually, you will appear larger if you look at the lens from above.

5. Your arms should be positioned. Ever wonder why celebs always have their camera-facing arm on their hip? This is because it makes her upper arm not smooshed against the body, making it appear flattened (read larger). Try extending your arms slightly from your sides if you find the hand-on–hip pose a little too forced.

6. Don’t wear your hair down too much. While a sloppy updo can make your neck appear longer and more thin, too many buns, braids or ponytails can cause your face and torso look larger.

7. You should sit up straight.

8. You can fake a tan. Most of us look washed-out in daily photos. A subtle glow can make a big difference. A light spray tan will make your legs, arms and shoulders look slimmer if you are showing skin. Apply a light dusting if bronzer to your face if you aren’t showing any skin.

9. Avoid direct sunlight. For outdoor photography, the best times to shoot are in the late afternoon or early evening.

10. Distance matters. It’s a simple rule: What is closer to the camera will appear bigger.

11. The old bag trick – If your bag is too tight, bulky or detailed around its middle, it can look larger in photos. To hide it in photos, hold your bag straight in front of the affected area.

12. You shouldn’t shout cheese. It can also make you look like an animal chipmunk. Instead, smile naturally.

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