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12 Clear Plastic Rings that Are So Y2K-Chic

clear plastic cup

Fashion is experiencing a resin renaissance. This is also known as the return to Y2K-era hand candy, which can be found on your TikTok feed. The popularity of candy-colored resin rings has increased over the past year. They are characterized by bold and colorful enamels and 3D flower shapes. This micro-jewelry trend is now in a new era. It’s inspired by all millennial’s favorite candy. Enter: clear resin rings.

Although they may not be as sweet as Ring Pops, these clear baubles bring a sense of nostalgia to any outfit and a cool factor that will attract compliments. Dua Lipa is a big fan of the trend so … There are a variety of clear resin rings available from luxury brands like Bottega Veneta, to small-scale Spanish jewelry manufacturers and Amazon sellers that can be dressed for less. Ourtrend has put together a list that includes 12 rings that are both chic and fun.

Pro tip: Match your baubles with your mani.

The Minimalist Option
Cloud Ring
Freckle + Chain $4

A neutral-colored clear resin band, such as these Freckle and Chain rings from Los Angeles, can be a subtle way to go with this bold trend. You can stack them or wear one by itself for a fun accent to your overall look.

The Mix & Match Kit
Little star shop Chunky Rein Rings (12-Pieces) $13

Little Star Shop’s 12-piece clear resin ring pack is a great example of how more can be better. The whole package includes glitter, 3D embellishments and color swirls. You don’t need to pick just one piece for your jewelry collection.

The Barely There Option
Resin Stacking Ring Set (5-Pieces)
Madewell 5 resin madewell rings $28

This delicate take on the clear resin band will elevate your ring game. This set includes three clear rings and two colored rings. They can be stacked together for seamless stacking.

The Accent Ring
Moni Ring
Eliou $115

This clear acrylic ring is a great choice for a resin ring. It’s extra thick and has two gold-plated cubic zirconia bezels. This brand is loved by Harry Styles.

The Stackable Squares
SJMStudios Rectangular Acrylic Ring
Etsy $8

These knuckle dusters add a bold, bold, and angular dimension to the otherwise sweet plastic rings.

The Bubbly Baubles
Spritz Ring (Set Of 2)
La Manso $59

La Manso is a brand that values personality through objects. The sculptural Spritz rings are a perfect example of this ethos.

The Playful Option
Plastic Ring with Trapped Charms for Kitsch Charms
ASOS kitsch ring $7

All emoji fans are invited to this clear plastic ring. It comes with cutesy designs such as smiley faces and cherries.

The Gemstone-Inspired
Set of 5 COLORFUL Bling Resin Rings
Amazon $7

Talk about a color story. This set, which costs only $6, features beautiful gemstone prints in pretty colors.

The Gold-Studded Buy
Hip to be Square Resin Ring
Concierge Accessory $36

Accessory Concierge offers the best statement jewelry at an affordable price. Their Hip To Be Square resin band is the perfect size for you.

The Rhinestone-Encrusted Ring
Crowd Pleaser 18kt Gold Plated Resin Ring
Ettika $30

She is elegant and beautiful, but she’s also young and playful. This beautiful piece is a subtle statement piece with small rhinestones on a clear base.

The Designer Option
Bottega Veneta Transparent Resin Dot Ring

Get a piece in wearable art with Bottega’s sterling, cubic zirconia and glass.

The Marbleized Set
SchickiMi Resin Mix
Etsy $7

This Etsy seller specializes in colorful marbleized resin rings. It takes micro-trends to new heights.

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