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12 Celebrities Openly Talked About Hair Loss

grayscale photo of woman with silver nose ring

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 40% of women lose their hair by the age of 40. This is a shocking number considering the fact that hair loss is rarely discussed in women as compared to men. Although balding is less common, it is still a serious condition that many women suffer from. Celebrities like Tyra Banks and Ricki Lake have a responsibility to share their experiences and let others know that they are not alone.

Stress, diet, rough handling, and menopause can all lead to hair loss in women. But one thing is certain: Everyone is beautiful with lush, healthy hair. These celebrities will prove it. There are many ways to prevent hair loss, including over-the counter medications like minoxidil. But sometimes it is inevitable and genetic. We collected inspiring stories from women celebrities who have experienced hair loss and accepted it.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith spoke out about her struggle with alopecia in 2018 on The Red Table Talk. Although she called her sudden hair loss “terrifying,” she felt the need to speak out as many people were asking her why she was wearing so much turbans. When Chris Rock joked about Smith’s hair, Will Smith was not pleased and it became the center of attention at the 2022 Oscars, Smith’s struggles were highlighted. Smith has posted a meme saying: This is the season to heal and I’m here to help.

Selma Blair

After giving birth to Arthur in 2011, Selma Blair noticed a change in her hair. Blair, who experienced hair loss postpartum after giving birth to her son Arthur in 2011, shared her story.

Blair then shaved her hair in preparation for aggressive chemotherapy for multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2019.

Ricki Lake

Ricki Lake posted a picture of her shaved head on Instagram in January 2020. She shared a secret that she was hiding from her fans: Lake was suffering from hair loss. She was 26 when she began filming Mrs. Winterbourne. Lake explained that she was on a crash diet, and that’s when her hair began to fall off.

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks, like many people, began experiencing alopecia areata (the medical term for spot baldness) from stress. When she was working on Modelland 2011, her stress levels reached an all-time high, and she lost her hair.

According to her, “Really, chilling was like eating a meal.” She told The Wall Street Journal. “I couldn’t look at the ocean. That wasn’t healthy, in hindsight. This is what I can say without breaking down. The stress caused me to get a little alopecia.

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley noticed that her hair was falling out after dyeing it for years. Her hair was falling out so much she started wearing wigs for five more years. Her hair began to grow back in 2015, when she was pregnant with Edie.

Knightley said that she has dyed her hair nearly every color possible for various films. Knightley explained that her hair began to fall out of her head.

Rosie O’Donnell

Rosie O’Donnell shared her struggle with hair loss via Twitter, sharing a candid photo that was unadorned showing her bald spots. The comedian explained that her hair loss was due to aging, which is common in women over 40. She tweeted, “male pattern hair loss…aging is fun.”

Jesy Nelson

Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson started experiencing hair loss at the age of 13. The singer spoke out about her experience with alopecia wereata in an interview with Fabulous magazine. She revealed that she was bullied for it. Stress caused visible bald spots.

She said that she was 13 years old when her hair started to grow out. Stress can lead to alopecia and it was not pleasant. “Because I was different, I was picked on. I have never wanted to be like everyone else.”

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell suffered significant hair loss after years of experimenting with weaves and extensions on her hair. Evening Standard asked Campbell about her hair loss and she revealed that most of her bald patches have grown back since then. Campbell stated that she takes better care of her hair because she lost it all with extensions. “I am more cautious and do different things.”

Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell began losing hair at the age of 23. Alopecia areata was caused primarily by stress from Neve Campbell’s career as an actress in “Scream”, a divorce she was going through, and stalkers.

Campbell said that developed alopecia at the age of 23. He also told The Daily Mail that he was suffering from severe overwork and was going through a divorce. “I was also stalked and began receiving threatening mail. It all made me so upset that my hair began to fall out. Life is not always a bowl full of cherries.”

Viola Davis

Viola Davis was 28 when she began to experience hair loss due to alopecia wereata. She learned her balding was due to stress and began to accept her hair as it was. “I woke up one morning and my hair looked like a Mohawk. Davis explained to Vulture “there was a big bald spot on my top. I was confused. It was stress-related, I discovered. This is how I internalized it. That is not how I live my life anymore. My favourite saying is “The privilege of living a life that you love” and it is true. I’ve spent my entire life feeling uncomfortable in my skin. “I am so not there anymore.”

Davis grew up embarrassed about her hair and started wearing wigs everywhere she went. She wore wigs until she was older, and they are still an option.

“I wore my wig in the Jacuzzi. I had a wig that I wore around my house. I wore a wig to events. I wore a wig when I worked out. Davis stated that Davis never showed her natural hair. Davis said, “It was a crutch and not an enhancement. People thought I was beautiful because I was desperate. To some extent, I had to let go of that feeling.”

Kristin Davis

Kristin started to lose her hair after she finished the final season on “Sex and the City,” in which she played Charlotte York. Davis explained to Women’s Wear Daily that her hair was no longer the same as it used to be. It was fine. It was almost like the hair had disappeared. It was always difficult hair. “No one can believe that it was ever so easy. However, because I had lots of hair professionals were able to help me make it look good. It wasn’t like I woke up with Charlotte hair.”

Davis initially ignored the issue and focused on other aspects of her life. She realized that she had very little hair left when she tried to style her hair. At the suggestion of Luke O’Connor, her hairdresser, Davis turned to Volaire hair-volumizing product. Davis became an ambassador for the brand after becoming a huge fan.

Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines, a fitness Instagram star, shared her hair-loss story to her 8 million followers in an attempt to de stigmatize hair loss among women. Itsines revealed that her family history of female-pattern baldness has led to her natural hair being shorter and thinner than many of her followers. Itsines said that after giving up on trying to thicken her hair, she now embraces it and encourages others not to be self-conscious about their hair.

She wrote, “Yes, of course, I’m very conscious about it, but I’ve tried everything, trust me.” “But at the same, I’m at peace with it, and I won’t let it control my life. Instead, I am focused on being happy and healthy. This can be a difficult task, as I have seen firsthand. But it is worth it. Don’t be ashamed to show your pride.”

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