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12 Best Body Groomers to Complete Your Manscaping Regime

black iphone 5 with orange and black case

It’s a natural part of life to sprout hair. You will need the best body groomer if your hair is unruly or you want to tidy it up (summer is officially here).

You can get a body groomer for every purpose, whether you have never used one before or are considering buying one.

It is as important to nail your manscaped look as it is to discover your signature scent. We tested the most popular tools with more than 225 men to help make it easier. Scroll down to find out which tools have been voted best.

What is a body groomer?

What does a body groomer not do? They can be used to give your side burns a quick trim, or leave you with a Calvin-Klein-ad-worthy bare chest. You have the option of choosing.

Although they are primarily hair clippers, modern technology and a variety adjustable heads allow them to be used on other parts of the body, such as the abdomen, armpits, legs and family jewels.

They are different from your beard trimmer in that they have larger blades. The larger blades of a device that is suitable for the body will be able to tackle multiple areas without slicing too close to sensitive skin.

Can my beard trimmer be used on my body?

It would be unhygienic to use the same hair removal tool to trim your moustache as your misters. Many of these models have separate beard trimmer attachments so that you don’t accidentally use the same blade for both areas. Beard trimmers have longer blades to catch more hair, while body and pubic hair trimmers have a shorter blade.

How to select a body groomer

  1. Capability: Make sure your device has all the attachments you need to do any grooming that you might want. Multipurpose models are common on our list. They can clean up everything, from your eyebrows to the under-the-belt. You should also check how many lengths are included in the beard guard box.
  2. Waterproofing: Showering can be a great way to clean up hair. You don’t have to be a fan dry trimming. Before you buy, ensure that your device is water-resistant.
  3. Battery life: The more you can groom your body in one session, the longer the battery life. Also, groomers that have more juice are more powerful than their battery-operated counterparts. They also make it easier to travel with.

What are the steps to test?

Each device was judged on its ease of use, attachments, design features, and performance when shaving the body and face. Our lab experts used a soundmeter to rate each gadget. You’ll find our top picks here, based on the combined scores.


Meridian The Trimmer

With its light and comfortable design, this trimmer outperformed all others. It was quick to remove unwanted hair and moved smoothly across the body, without any snags.

It gave you a close shave by whipping your groin, stubble and head hair into shape. It was also extremely quiet during use. Our entire panel was impressed with how soft the skin felt.

Wahl Stainless Steel 9-in-1 Multi Groomer

Wahl’s elegant, modern design would look great on a bathroom shelf. The titanium multi-groomer has a cutting range from 0.5mm to 24mm. Our testers found the lengths extremely accurate.

The panel was impressed by its ability to remove hair from all angles, including armpits and legs. The lab test showed that it didn’t make a lot of noise and panel members said they would continue to use this product in their manscaping.

Braun BG5350 Body Groomer 5 with two attachments

This tool will prevent you from nicking your family jewels. This trimmer is designed to minimize irritation in sensitive areas and delicate skin. It can also catch any stray hairs, no matter what angle.

It was also easy to reach those difficult-to-reach areas. The handle is light and holds well, giving a smooth shave. One tester claimed that it was the best groomer he’d ever used.

Braun 10-in-1 Beard Trimmer

This Braun product is the best in our roundup. It comes with all the attachments you need to give a professional-looking tidy up. This tool is great for cleaning your nose or legs.

It was praised for its quality finish and close, effective shave. Our panel gave it full marks for tidying up facial hair. It was also easy to reach the back of your head for a quick trim.

Philips BG7025/13 series 7000 Bodygroom

Although it doesn’t come with many extras, the dual-sided blades on this groomer made it extremely easy for our testers transition from trimming to shaving. It helped 90% of our testers achieve a defined, detailed style.

It was particularly adept at trimming long beard hairs, leaving 86% with smoother skin. It was surprisingly more effective on thicker hair than it was on finer hair. 92% of the testers were impressed with its performance, compared to 85%. It was easy to use and nobody reported any cuts.

BaBylissMEN SUPER-X Metal Series 15 IN1 Multi Trimmer

If you are looking for a stylish piece of equipment that will give your bathroom a modern look, then look no further. This all-in one trimmer comes with a digital display that warns you when your battery is low. It also has a variety of attachments that can magnetically attach to it, much to the delight and amazement of our panel.

It performed well. Our testers loved that it could be used dry or wet. They were able to attain different lengths with the combs, and 89% of them said that it provided an excellent ultra-close shave.

BALLS(tm), Trimmer

This trimmer is specifically designed to tidy you up below your belt. The SackSafe(tm), or gentle scrubbing blade, makes it reassuringly easy on your groin, scrotum and skin. 93% of our panel enjoyed a pain-free groom.

It worked quietly, and our testers found it easy to use. 77% of the testers felt that it effectively tackled back and chest hairs, while 85% reported a smooth shave. It was so good, 93% of those who tried it said that they would continue to use it after the trial ended.

JML Microtouch Titanium Solo

This top-rated German model is a masterpiece of German efficiency. It features a dual-sided blade and an LED light inside. It ticks many boxes.

The design was lightweight and compact without compromising power. All panel members were impressed by its ability to quickly cut through thick and coarse hair, as well as finer hair.

It worked flawlessly on all parts of the body, and all lengths beards. It made low to moderate noise during our lab tests and no one was injured. Result.

Remington PG5000 G5 Graphite Series Multi Grooming Set

This kit is perfect for anyone who’s just starting to groom, or someone who simply wants to have a completely customizable trimming experience.

It is 100% waterproof, so you can take it with you wherever you go. 90% of the panel agreed that it gave a flawless shave. The product was able to tackle a variety of hair textures and lengths with ease and everyone was happy with the final results.

Wahl Stainless Steel 11-in-1 Multigroomer

This multipurpose tool can be used to shave entire bodies for six hours with a single charge. All of our testers reported a flawless trim when using it wet or dry.

The comb attachments were great for all hair types and lengths. 91% of the testers agreed that they could personalize their grooming routine with the included comb attachments. They were so impressed with it that 91% of them plan to replace their current groomer with this one.

Panasonic Men’s Trimmer, ER-GB62

This body and face trimmer can handle the job. Although it was bulkier than the other options, this trimmer glided easily over our panel’s bodies, leaving 91% satisfied with their results.

It was painless to use and no irritation or tugging was experienced by any testers. 78% of them were happy with the razor’s close shave. It is great for trimming long beards, including the back and chest. All testers agreed that it was versatile and effective.

Gillette All Purpose Styler

Nobody wants undefined, shabby facial hair or body hair. This tool is designed to give you the best possible results without compromising your skin’s condition. Although it’s not rechargeable, it’s still compact enough to be useful for traveling.

It excelled at shave legs, armpits, and around the groin. It’s an easy-to-use bargain that is worth the price of less than $15.

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