person in white shirt and blue jeans walking inside GAP store

7 American clothing brands you should keep in mind

person in white shirt and blue jeans walking inside GAP store

American clothing brands are known for their great fashion style. There are many American clothing brands that you should check out, whether you’re looking to buy high-performance clothes, great jeans or beautiful dresses.

British clothing brands are known for their classic designs, but American clothing brands offer a wide range of styles. Many of America’s top clothing brands are likely to be familiar. From Levi’s jeans, the original, to Nike’s sports giant, and New York Fashion Week favourites Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren, you’ll recognize a number of American clothing brands. American clothing brands offer more than just the finest jeans, trainers and polo shirts.

Unlike the chic appeal of French clothing brands, the glamour of Italian clothing brands and the minimal-meets-maximal aesthetic of Scandinavian clothing brands, US fashion brands each have their own identity, rather than one that is rooted specifically in their origins. American clothing brands offer something for everyone, whether you are looking for quality basics for your capsule wardrobe, summer bohemian wear, or statement pieces to dress up for special occasions.

These are the top American clothing brands that ship to the UK and US, so you can find the right outfit for your next big event.


Good American is the best place to find confidence-boosting products. This label was founded in 2016 by Emma Grede, a former reality TV star and Khloe Kardashian. Its core value is size inclusion. It offers a wide range of sizes, from 00 to 32 – which means they have the best jeans available for curvy women. After noticing that most of the returns were size 14 and 16, it launched an in-between size 15. Genius! Each item is photographed on a variety of models to give you an idea of how it will look with different body types. Good American’s focus is on denim. There is a pair that will suit your needs, whether you are looking for skinny, straight or wide-leg jeans. You can also find timeless tops and figure-hugging gowns that will enhance your silhouette. This American brand is among the most inclusive of size. Make sure to bookmark it.


Reformation is cool, feminine, and edgy. It’s our favorite sustainable clothing brand. The brand started as a vintage shop in Los Angeles. It has since expanded to focus on its own designs, which are handcrafted with love and affection. Reformation is our choice for the best dress. The sleek design is often characterized by subtle splits and quirky necklines. It also comes in multiple colors. Everything is made of low-impact fabrics, recycled clothes, and deadstock fabrics. The best part? The section for bridesmaids and weddings is especially impressive and offers extended sizing.


If you are a bohemian and know what it means to live a boho lifestyle, you should check out Anthropologie. It was founded in Pennsylvania in the early 1990s and has since grown to more than 200 stores in North America and Europe. This lifestyle is for creative women who are looking for adventure. You can also find pieces from other labels, as well as clothing that is its own brand. This allows you to broaden your fashion options. The homeware section has beautiful pieces that can be matched to your wardrobe and kitchen. For the summer, you’ll want to check out clashing prints, crochet separates and flowing maxi dresses.


This ethical brand specializes in high-quality basics and can help you build your wardrobe. The transparency of the label, based in San Francisco, is what really captures our hearts. You can see the cost of each item on the site and also the markups. The site is simple and straightforward, so it’s easy to incorporate its high-quality pieces into your own wardrobe. These pieces will last, whether they are boxy t-shirts or the finest cashmere sweaters or tailored pants. There is something for everyone, but it’s especially useful for summer outfits and everyday wear.


Many people think of American clothing brands in terms of the preppy college look seen in movies. J.Crew should be on your shopping list if you love collared shirts that can be layered over varsity logo tops and v-neck sweaters. These stores offer a refreshing change of pace for those who love color. It’s possible to search online for the key items you are looking for by simply clicking on the print. We recommend that you get your stripes from J.Crew, as they are experts at classic patterns. You can find A-list pieces that are loved by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow or Michelle Obama without breaking the bank.


Girlfriend Collective is less a trend than a movement and is changing how activewear is made and sold. It uses one of the most sustainable methods of making clothes. In fact, it discloses that 25 of its leggings are made from recycled plastic bottles and 11 sports bras are made using recycled plastic bottles. It’s also one of the most inclusive American fashion labels on the market. It is available in a variety of sizes and ages and features body hair, stretch marks and skin blemishes. Every body is beautiful, and every body deserves high quality gym equipment and loungewear. Period.


You’re likely familiar with Gap, an American fashion brand. But did you know that Banana Republic is also owned by the company? It’s worth looking if you prefer a more utilitarian style. It was originally launched in late 1970s to sell “safari style” clothes. You can easily incorporate a muted color palette with khakis and beiges into your closet. Banana Republic is a grown-up adventurer, so there’s a bit of animal print. For safari chic ’22, mix smart jackets with slouchy pants or silk scarves and shirts.

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