person wearing white nike athletic shoes

11 white sneakers worth to be in your summer 2022 collection

person wearing white nike athletic shoes


+Streamline style
+Produced for quick and easy on-the-go activities
-Stylistic aesthetic is not as versatile for those looking for transitional styles

Running shoes for women are eco-friendly and stylish, hylo makes some of the most popular running shoes. These trainers are lightweight and comfortable to wear. These trainers are sporty and can be worn with anything, from tailored pants to your favorite leggings to sporty midi dresses.


+Cool chunky sole
+Fuss-free design
+Recognizable brand
-Leather protectors are required

Lacoste, a French clothing brand, is instantly identifiable by its famous crocodile logo. The brand has a great selection of trainers and polo tops. The Lacoste classic trainer is more casual, but we love the retro Carnaby Evo. It harkens back to the 1970’s tennis trainer shoe style. The classic trainer is simple and elegant, with minimal disruption to the design by the logo. This is a great choice for anyone looking for a white trainer that can be worn every day. The leather design is guaranteed to match everything you own. Make sure to invest in a leather protector to keep it fresh.


+There are 17 different color options to choose from
+Created using recycled materials
+Two trees are planted for every pair of sneakers sold
-Retro style is not for everyone

Saye is one such brand that is doing big things and taking huge steps to be more sustainable. The Modelo 89 trainers, which are vegan, are made of organic, recycled, and plant-based material. The carbon footprint of this pair of trainers is half that of an average pair. Saye works with factories that are certified to provide good working conditions. They also plant two trees for every pair of trainers they sell. This makes it even more enjoyable to buy new trainers.


+Cork or PU footbeds to absorb shock
+Breathable microfiber fabric
+Regular and narrow sizes available
-Higher price point

Birkenstock has been making the best sandals for many years. Birkenstock’s reach extends beyond the most comfortable open-toed shoes. This sleek pair of white trainers is a game changer.

These trainers are made from rubber, natural leather, and a Birkenstock-tailored cork footbed – to support your arch – these trainers will last a long time. These shoes are designed to be worn with neutral colors and camel tones. For a casual, relaxed look, the Bend Low trainers can be worn with midi skirts or turned-up jeans.


+Metallic detailing
+Logo Embossed
+Slightly platformed sole
-Not a trainer for sports

White trainers aren’t just for sports. You can have a variety of white trainers to add versatility to your shoe collection. This Carvela pair is a great option for a dressier and more directional style to your sporty shoes. These shoes have a chunky platform sole that adds 40mm to your height. They are perfect for wearing with anything, from trendy flared jeans to more casual summer dresses. These white, crisp shoes with cushioned heels are a great choice for brides who want height and comfort.


+Sleek styling
+Retro feel
+Flat design
-Not a sport shoe

The Old Skool Vans are the most iconic of skate shoes. They have reinforced toecaps that can withstand repeated wear. The signature rubber waffle outsoles and padded collars provide support and flexibility. You don’t have to be a complete skater if you ever wondered how Vans look. You can actually wear them as any of our top white trainers. Vans, which have their roots in Skater fashion are great for pairing with black jeans. You can make them more feminine by pairing them with a midi skirt or floral frock. For cooler evenings, you can add a leather jacket to finish the ensemble.


+Flexible midsoles
+Classic styling
+Lots more comfort technology
-Only one width is available

Fitflop was first to the forefront with their toning flipflops. Since then, they have built a shoe style empire that uses its comfort-led technology to create a variety of styles. These Rally trainers in a classic white, tennis shoe silhouette are a huge hit. These white trainers are super light and feature Fitflops flexible AnatomicushTM midsoles. The Rally is a sleek and stylish trainer that can be worn with anything. It will go well with your favorite shirt and blazer combination for more formal occasions, as well as dresses and skirts for a feminine twist.


+Thick sole
+Statement shoe

Balenciaga’s influential runway collections are partly responsible for the resurgence in ‘Dad Trainers’, thicker and chunkier trainers with retro styling. Balenciaga’s heavy trainers, which are the best white trainers 2022 has, have been a huge hit with celebrities, Instagrammers, and fashion lovers alike. The chunky sole trainers have no leather and add height to your feet without the need for high heels. These might seem a little more casual than the others, but the ‘Dad Trainer’ is a classic that has been around for years and will continue to be in fashion.


+Uses recycled packaging and materials
+Distinctive design
-Extraordinary price
-Large fit

The Sway White is a stylish, sleeker version of the tennis court shoe. The classic suede paneling adds a luxurious leather texture while the patent signature initials in high-shine are a stealthy take on logos. Rubber soles that are splash-resistant offer grip and comfort. These soles are handcrafted in Portugal using premium materials. They will last a long time and justify the higher price. These shoes also come with 100% recycled packaging and recycled cork footbeds.


+Innovative fabric construction
+Built to perform
-Not pure white, and more performance-led than other styles

This white New Balance sneaker, which is marketed as an unisex shoe by the company, is full of high-performance sportswear tech and innovative fabrics. This version is more sporty than other shoes on the list and will appeal to those who are looking for something more than traditional white plimsolls. These white trainers can be worn with skirts and dresses, but they are also great for running. They are a great choice if you want to travel light on a trip overseas.

These white trainers are a new collaboration between New Balance & District Vision. They have a knit upper and a FuelCell cushioning midsole. This gives you a lightweight, responsive feel and a dynamic, and energy-returning, feeling. These are the shoes for you if you’re looking for stylish running shoes that not only help you run but also enhance your experience.


+Designer shoes
+Can be worn to smarter events
+Made in Italy
-Not discreet

Roger Vivier is a brand that you will be loyal to if you love designer shoes. We love the brand’s high-end heels but we also love these sneakers. This iconic style is topped with a sparkling crystal buckle, which is a design that’s also used on flats and heels by the brand. The sole is 40mm high and made from leather, mesh, and scuba. It’s a stylish, yet comfortable shoe. These shoes are not subtle, but they can be worn with any of your favorite tuxedos or dresses.

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