woman standing near window during daytime

11 Ways to Look Good-Rested Even When You Are Not

woman standing near window during daytime

Do any of these sound familiar? You are stressed, didn’t sleep, ate a lot of cookies, eggnog, and caramel popcorn. You stayed up until 3 AM to go online and shop for gifts. Walking the dog makes you feel so tired, it’s like you have jet lag. You might also be fighting a cold. No matter what reason, your mirror is confirming that you have red eyes. A puffy face. Dry, flaky skin. an overall dull appearance. It’s a common occurrence, and we’ll be there again. These prepare-and-repair tips will make you feel awake and rejuvenated in no time.

1. You can add an additional pillow in silk

A mature woman who eats a lot of salty snacks, alcohol, processed foods, carbs, and other junk food knows that her eyes and face will be puffy by the morning. Fluid retention can be reduced by using two pillows as opposed to one. Silk pillowcases such as the 100 Percent Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase (Amazon.com, $20 and up) and SLPBaby Silk Pillowcase (20 and up Amazon.com) can not only prevent sleep creases (especially if your stomach snoozes), but they also help keep your blowouts or dos intact.

2. Overnight mask

Olay Masks Hydrating Overnight gel Mask ($27, cvs.com), Laneige Lavender Water Sleeping Mask (25, sephora.com), or L’Oreal Paris Triple Power Intensive Overnight Mask (25, ulta.com). These masks will give you extra hydration. This creamy formula is infused with line-plumping ingredients like hyaluronic and glycerin, which will give you a head start for the next day. Make sure to remove any makeup before you apply the mask. Rinse off the mask in the morning. You don’t have to worry: These creamy creams absorb well, which means that your silk pillowcase will remain pristine.

3. Relax in the morning

Cold therapy is a good option if you still feel puffy. You can always keep frozen peas handy. For 10 minutes, press the pack on your face and hit the snooze key. This is a common way for cosmetic surgery patients to reduce swelling at home, but it also works well for us! The cold, not the vegetables, is what constricts blood vessels and reduces inflammation.

4. Caffeine can help to relax your eyes

Our eyes are always a sign of fatigue, headaches, and stress. You can do this quick DIY by placing caffeinated tea bags in closed containers. Caffeine constricts blood vessels below the skin and it also soothes redness. (This can be done along with tip No. 3). Keep a bottle of caffeinated cream or gel in your fridge if this becomes a problem. Combining cold and caffeine can provide temporary relief to keep you awake and alert.

5. A multi-tasking oil or cream is a good choice

Do not try to complicate the process. It is enough to use the Keurig to make oatmeal. You can make your first choice a go-to — such as Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra Nourishing Illuminating Argan Oil touch of Gold ($17, cvs.com), Embryolisse lait-Creme Concentre ($28.com), or Josie Maran Argan Intensive Creamy Oil ($28. sephora.com). This oil brightens, smoothes and moisturizes mature skin, primes it for makeup, and prepares it for the future. Massage is relaxing and reduces tension lines. Apply the cream to your hands to smoothen split ends, groom brows and soften cuticles.

6. Fake healthy skin

You want a just-back from the gym/SoulCycle/brisk walking glow. A CC Cream or tinted moisturizing cream will give you that. You will look drab if you apply too much makeup. It is important to choose the closest match for your skin tone and apply a fresh, dewy finish. It’s worth spending more for brands that offer a wider range of shades (between 12-20 skin tones), such as IT Cosmetics CC+ cream Illumination with Sun Protection 50+ ($39, sephora.com), Laura mercier Tinted Moisturizer Natural SPF 30 ($47.75, sephora.com), or BareMinerals COMPLEXION Rescue Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum, SPF 30 ($32.32, sephora.com). It might be your everyday choice.

7. Choose a peach concealer

Dark circles are more obvious due to thin skin and the loss of fat pads underneath that is caused by age. They look darker due to fluid retention and poor sleep. A warm orangey shade counteracts blue and purple shadows better than a more neutral skin tone. Multishade palettes with shades of yellow, peach, pink, and melon such as NYX Professional Makeup 3C Correct Contour Palette ($12 at ulta.com), Milani CONCEAL + Perfect All in One Palette ($10 at target.com) or the Black Radiance True Complexion C Palette ($8 at target.com) are good options. You can mix your best shade of camouflage according to your skin tone and level of discoloration.

8. Add radiance to your make-up

Now is the time to add shimmer. It sounds like something that mature faces would not do. A little bit of illuminator in creams, liquids, or drops — such as L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Glotion Nature Glow Enhancer ($15), NYX Professional Makeup Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator ($8), ulta.com or L.A. The Girl Luminous glow Skin Illuminating cream ($7, ulta.com), is a must. For all-over radiant skin, mix a few drops with your regular moisturizer, skin oil or tinted moisturizing cream. Or apply the last step by lightly dabbing on your cheeks, bridge of nose, inner eyes, and brow bones. For darker skin tones, choose a bronze or gold illuminator, or a champagne or pearly opalescent tone for lighter skin. Rose gold and golden are good options for medium skin tones.

9. Get your dry shampoo

To look vibrant and animated, keep your hair loosely combed and tousled. This will hide problems like a greasy scalp or obvious roots. Over-styling hair can make it look tired and irritated. Dry shampoos are your best friend here. However, choose one that smells fresh and doesn’t leave any residue. Dove Refresh+ care Volume &. Fullness Dry Shampoo $7, cvs.com or Aussie Clean Volume Sulfate Free Dry Shampoo $6, cvs.com Blend your hair at the waist and mist your roots. You can also use your fingers to rake your hair and break up layers.

10. Wear bright, cheerful clothes

Did you buy that violet sweater on sale? What about the bright pink blouse? Instead of jumping into your safe uniform of it-makes-me-look-slimmer black, reach for white, bright color and peppy prints to minimize a bad-day face. This scent gives off an energy and makes you seem friendly and approachable. You can also spray on a light fragrance. It has a mood-enhancing effect and is the first impression you make to people.

11. Are you wide awake at five in the morning?

Here’s a quick fix for those on the go. Let’s suppose you are already at work, at a party, or in a restaurant and feel tired. Grab an ice cube, and go to the bathroom. The cube can be used to massage your skin, even over makeup. It stimulates circulation just like a cold shower. Rinse your mouth with water and brush your teeth. To loosen your jaw and relax facial muscles that can cause lines, yawn. You can show more skin, so it’s not just about your face. To expose more of your neck and upper chest, unbutton your blouse/shirt to a V, roll up your sleeves for more coverage, or remove your jacket or cardigan to go sleeveless. Refresh your lipstick. Done!

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