person wearing black birkenstocks

11 Things You Can Clear Out From Your Closet Now

person wearing black birkenstocks

Your closet may be cluttered with clothes you don’t need anymore, such as those college T-shirts from years ago or super-low-rise jeans that you haven’t worn in years. Are you unsure where to begin? Start with the 11 items below. Don’t forget those holes socks and regrettable bridesmaid gowns. You’ll be amazed at how much space you have in your closet once you either donate or toss everything on the list.

1. Outdated Trends That You Will Not Wear Soon

We’re looking at you, velour tracksuits. The style, like most others, will probably return one day. However, you don’t need to clutter up your closet with out of fashion items.

2. Knock-Offs

Although it is tempting to buy copycat fashion for a fraction of what the original designer is charging, there are many sociological issues. Not least, the working conditions of those who make the fake products. Get rid of any items in this category and you will be able to decide not to buy knock-offs.

3. Cheap Halloween Costumes

It’s unlikely that you will want to pass down the $15 costume to your grandchildren. Donate or toss all the Halloween gear.

4. Bad Bridesmaids Dresses

Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a friend with great taste who picked out a bridesmaid gown that you will wear again and again. It’s okay to give up a dress that you won’t wear again for the sake of all others. You can even donate it to Goodwill, a similar organization, so that someone else will benefit from the dress.

5. Socks and underwear with holes

Many of us have undergarments or socks that are starting to show signs of wear. It’s time to get rid of worn items and take inventory to determine if it is worth replacing.

6. Socks that are not matched

Everybody has one of these in a drawer or bag. It is unlikely that the matching socks will ever be found if they haven’t been there for a while. Give up any singles that have been around for a while, or give them a new purpose.

7. It’s not worth tailoring anything that doesn’t fit or isn’t wearable

If you feel that something is too small or the cost of alterations exceeds the original garment’s value, it may be worth donating. These items can be donated or, if in good condition and still available, sold on Poshmark.

8. Painful Heels

It doesn’t really matter how expensive or beautiful they are. A pair of pumps that are so uncomfortable that you have to change them every time you leave the house isn’t worth it.

9. “Motivational Clothing”

People keep too small clothing around to help them lose weight. However, this can be discouraging and take up space that could be used for clothes that you will actually wear and make you feel good. You can get rid of “one-day” clothes and create a wardrobe that fits you well and makes you feel confident.

10. Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable

Do you still hold on to clothes that you have worked up the courage for years? Let them go. Your clothing should make your feel beautiful, not self-conscious.

11. T-shirts You Will Never Wear

It doesn’t matter if you still have college T-shirts or shirts you received from charity events or work trips. It’s time to get rid of them. These T-shirts are great for cleaning and painting. Keep a few of your favorites and give the rest away.

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