How to wear a short-sleeve button down shirt for men

The button-up shirt with short sleeves is a summer staple that every man should have. This article will give you fashion inspiration and style tips for a button-up or button down shirt.


Here are some general tips to help us get started. This is no surprise. But, it’s important to keep things simple. Summer is the perfect season to wear simple outfits. Simple doesn’t have to be boring.

You’ll need to get the fit right. This means that your sleeves should be at the right length (mid-bicep), and are snug around your biceps.

The sweet spot for untucked shirt length is approximately mid-fly. You may need to tuck the shirt in if the shirt is more formal than an inch and a quarter. A floral shirt, for example, would not be tucked in. However, it is acceptable to tuck in a solid-colored shirt.

The shirt should not be too tight. In the summer heat, a little breathing space is a good thing. A loose shirt is not flattering.


This article will mention a few short-sleeve button-up shirt styles. Madras, florals, two-tone, microprint, and chambray are some examples.

You will find that all the clothing pieces in these outfits can be interchanged due to the neutral colors.

There will be a few pops in color. Accessories such as watches, bracelets and webbed cloth or canvas belts can keep it interesting, but not too much. For casual, cool summer vibes, I prefer low-top, minimalist loafers and sneakers.

Let’s start by showing you how to wear a button-up shirt with a short sleeves starting with traditional madras.

1. The Madras Short Sleeve Shirt

Madras shirts make a great casual summer shirt. They are lightweight, soft, and colorful which adds a bright touch to any laid-back summer look.

This pattern is distinguished by different colored stripes and checks that cross each other. Madras is known for its preppy undertones. It’s often mistakenly confused with plaid, another check pattern.

Fun fact: Madras was born in East India in a city called Madras.

Madras is a great pattern for summer. Madras, a summer staple, is fun to wear. It looks like plaid, and is often available in bright colors that go well with shorts.

The first look was a combination of the blue, orange, and white madras shirt and 100% linen shorts. The shorts have wrinkles. Linen is one of few fabrics that looks better when wrinkled. Let them crease naturally and don’t be too concerned about it.

The second outfit was a simple swap between the linen shorts and olive green chinos. To give my legs a nice taper, I also rolled the chino pants twice (double roll). The shorts look great about 2 to 3 inches above your knees.

2. Floral Short Sleeve Button Down shirt

Floral shirts also known as tropical print shirts can be distinguished by the tropical plants, flowers or trees printed on the shirt fabric. This is the ultimate beach shirt. However, you don’t have to live near any large bodies of water to enjoy it.

You can find them in a variety of colors and patterns. However, it does take a bit of confidence to do it right. Summer’s hot weather calls for a bold floral print. Be confident and rock the look.

You can easily go wrong with floral shirts. But thankfully, there are some tips that I have that will make you look super stylish and not super gaudy.

The main focal point of this look will always be the shirt in a floral print. You don’t want any other pieces competing with the focal point of a tropical print shirt. You should keep the rest of your outfit simple. You should avoid wearing bright colors or patterns that could clash with the floral shirt.

The pants are light wash, but dark wash jeans would also work. I am wearing distressed denim with some stretch. I find the distressing in this instance to be minimal and tasteful. The shirt is still the focal point, even though they aren’t completely shredded.

3. The Two Tone Short Sleeve Shirt

A two-tone shirt is a shirt that has two distinct color blocks, which divide the shirt horizontally.

Two-tone button down shirts with short sleeves are not as common as the others in this article. This makes them an excellent choice if you want to make your summer outfit stand out from the rest.

For a monochrome or minimal look, they are often divided into two shades that are similar. The solid block color is simple, clean, and easy to style.

The two-tone short sleeve button-down shirt can be worn either untucked or tucked in, depending on its length. It’s best to wear it untucked if it reaches mid-fly. Any length longer than that is acceptable to tuck in.

The two-tone shirt I have is slightly longer so I decided to tuck the shirt in. The slim navy chinos give the look a more casual and dressed-up feel, so I tucked the shirt in.

4. Chambray Short Sleeve Button Down shirt

Chambray fabric is a plain weave fabric made mostly of cotton fibers. It is a refined version of linen. Both fabrics can be worn casually, but chambray has a tighter weave that can make it appear more dressy than linen. Chambray is also less prone to wrinkles than linen.

Chambray has a similar appearance to denim but it is lighter and more comfortable to wear in summer than thick denim. Chambray is a great option for hot weather because it’s lightweight and breathable. It also has casual vibes.

Chambray shirts look like a denim shirt but are lighter and more breathable. This makes them great for warmer temperatures.

This casual, warm-weather look is simple and easy. Layering is possible. Sometimes, I prefer to unbutton my button-down shirts for a casual cool look.

5. The Microprint Short Sleeve Shirt

Style is all about subtlety. The micro print shirt blends in with the background, while the tropical or floral print shirt commands attention.

This shirt isn’t as loud as a bold printed shirt, but it has a subtle charm. It doesn’t mean subtle is boring or flat. An interesting micro pattern can still be visually appealing and command attention.

It’s also pleasing to the eyes when we see symmetrical, repeated imagery.

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