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11 Essential Thrifting Tips: How to Find What You Want

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It takes patience and self-control to shop at thrift stores. However, you can still find the best items in consignment shops such as the Salvation Army or Goodwill. You can become a thrifter by following a strategy. If you do this often enough you will find great items at lower prices than at regular retail stores.

11 Thrifting Tips

The following list will help you find great thrifting tips if you are passionate about buying new clothes.

  • You should sell before you buy.

You can save money on your thrifting by selling a few items you don’t use and make room for future purchases. Before you start shopping at thrift stores, consider selling your items online.

  • Before you go to the store, find out what their specialty is.

Knowing what the store sells will make thrift shopping much more enjoyable. While some thrift shops are specialized in clothes or toys, others may have a large selection of furniture and home decor. Before you go, make sure to find out which thrift store has more of the items you are looking for.

  • Be appropriate.

You might have to dress appropriately. Many thrift shops don’t offer fitting rooms so it is best to buy something that you can slip over secondhand clothing. You should make sure that your clothes fit before buying secondhand clothing.

  • Set a clear goal.

You should not wander around trying to find items that you don’t need. Thrift shopping should focus on finding the things you actually need. Make a list of all the items you have and then start looking for them. To help you remember what you already have and what you want, you can take photos with your smartphone.

  • Get your items tailored.

Thrifting has one disadvantage: You may find the perfect piece but it might not fit correctly. This is a simple fix. If you find a good quality item, take it to a tailor. If you are confident with your sewing skills and your hemming, you may be able to do a DIY tailoring job that will make your item just right.

  • Find out when stores stock up.

Many quality goods might be sold out by the time these stores are open. Be aware of when thrift shops restock new items. Don’t wait too long before you check them out.

  • Avoid impulse buying.

Although thrift stores might have lower prices, it is possible to spend more if you purchase too much. You can set a budget, but you should not spend all your money. Cash-only will allow you to stick to your priorities and avoid spending too much.

  • Learn how to discern quality.

If you are able to identify quality, consignment shops can sell designer brands and vintage pieces at a low price. The quality of natural materials is often higher than that of synthetics. Shoes made from 100 percent leather will usually bear the words “Vero Cuoio,” which is an Italian term for “true leather”. Blazers with linings or wool-blend coats are also more expensive than other materials. To determine which items are worth the price, get familiar with high-quality tells.

  • Take a look at the aisles.

It is easy to get distracted by the search for bargains at thrift stores. However, it is important to scan the aisles quickly to avoid spending too much time in one place. To quickly spot specific color palettes and other items of interest, train your eyes to scan shelves or hangers.

  • Haggle.

Sometimes you can negotiate the price for items that have been damaged or broken. You can negotiate a lower price if you are able to salvage an item.

  • Avoid buying in-season.

The best time to purchase seasonal clothing is when there is less demand. In the summer, shop for jackets and boots; in winter, look for sundresses or sandals.

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