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11 Best Lash Serums to Get Long, Full and Healthy Eyelashes

persons green eye in close up photography

Some people are born with long, luscious eyelashes that look Twiggy-esque. They reach the top of the eyelids and appear to be supported by extensions.

Some people are not so fortunate when it comes down to genetics. My shabby, thin, and fragile lashes have been a frustration for me. I’m the kind of person who needs to always “just put on mascara” when I leave the house. There is a solution for my problems, however: lash serums.

What’s the point of lash serums?

Lash serums contain enriching ingredients that can strengthen your lashes and stimulate growth. They are designed to nourish, fortify, and even lengthen your natural eyelashes.

Are lash serums really effective?

Truth is, results can vary between people. You can see this in the reviews below. While the majority of reviews are positive and affirm that they stimulate lash growth, there will be some people who don’t like the results.

The Eye of Horus Universal Brow Lash Serum was a product that I tried. While it wasn’t life-changing for me, it did make my lashes look longer and stronger. But consistency is the key. It’s unlikely that you will reap the benefits if you don’t use these serums as often as recommended (every morning and evening in this case).

What eyelash serum is the best?

  • EYE OF HURU Universal Brow Lash Cream Adore Beauty $42

This serum is formulated with healthy botanicals such as argan, olive, castor, and star anise oils. It also contains rosemary extract to nourish the brows and lashes. The serum also contains bio-available essential B-complex vitamins, minerals, and calcium, iron and zinc. It is easy to apply the formula with the tiny spooliebrush. I noticed slight growth after consistent use.

  • PEPTIDE-RICH VELOUR LASHES long & strong Lash Serum Sephora $64

This product contains a peptide compound to increase lash strength, length, and thickness. Protect against environmental damage with amino acids, Ginseng to promote new growth. This nourishing serum promises to deliver noticeable results within six to twelve weeks. Use the liner brush to apply it nightly along each lash line.

  • SAFE FOR SENSITIVE EARS CLINIQUE High-Intensity Lash Amplifying Cream $57

Clinique has just released a nightly conditioning serum that is infused with hyaluronic, ginseng, turmeric roots, vitamin E, and amla (Indian gooseberry). The formula has been tested by an ophthalmologist to ensure that it is safe for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes. It claims to deliver results in just 12 weeks. Simply use the felt tip to apply a thin amount of the serum to your lashes.

  • LUXE INVESTMENT LANCOME Advanced Genifique Light Pearl Youth Activating Eye & Lash Concentrate Serum $130

Although this luxurious serum might seem costly, it is actually a double-duty product that can be used as both an eye cream and a lash fortifier. This serum claims to reduce eye bags, dark circles and strengthen your lashes. It is described as luxurious by users and works.

  • GROWTH GUARANTEE LASH THERAPY Eyelash Treatment Serum $69.95

Lash Therapy Australia guarantees that you will see results if you use the serum. The serum is a combination of a polypeptide formulation to increase volume, thickness, and curl of your eyelashes. It was developed by three Melbourne friends.

    NET-A-PORTER $141.82

This oil-free conditioner strengthens and protects your lashes while improving their appearance and health. This lightweight formulation contains an award-winning combination of biotin, lipids and amino acids, which combine to condition, smoothen, and revitalize each lash. It is so popular that one tube is sold for every 33 seconds. Do we need to say more?

  • RESULTS IN OUR FOUR WEEKS LASHFOOD Eyelash Enhancer Cream $150

This LASHFOOD serum claims to deliver results in four weeks. The best results are seen after three to six months. This serum can even be used with extensions as it can prolong the life of your eyelash bond.

  • VEGAN FORMULA NUBYEN Lash + Brw Prosperity Enhancement Cream $93.96

This vegan serum contains squalane, baobab, and omega-rich oils to nourish the lashes. It also includes rosemary and raspberry to strengthen and rebuild keratin bonds.

  • RESULTS IN FOUR WEEKS JANE IREDALE PureLash Extender + Conditioner $30.78

This serum can be applied with a spoolie brush, which makes it easy to prime and condition lashes without using as much mascara. The formula softens brittle lashes and strengthens them over time. It also contains sea algae to condition, carnauba wax for thickening, and wheat protein to increase elasticity.

  • Over Three MILLION UNITS SOLD ALL OVER THE WORLD Rapid Lash Eyelash Enhancing Cream $49.95

Clinically, this serum has been proven safe for the eyes by dermatologists and ophthalmologists. It has a unique HEXATEIN1 COMPLEX that contains six highly effective ingredients, including polypeptides biotin, panthenol and amino acids.

  • RESTORATIVE PRIME DIOR Diorshow Maximizer 3D Mascara Primer – Serum $58

This primer-serum combination is intended to be used under your mascara to increase volume, curl, and definition. It also improves lash appearance. It’s rich in cotton nectar and cornflower flower water to protect and nourish your lashes. This is a great choice for people who want immediate results.

How often should you apply lash serums?

Follow the instructions on the package for the specific serum you purchased. However, eyelash serum should only be used once or twice daily (in the mornings and/or evenings).

Can I use lash gel on my eyebrows?

Double-check the label to make sure. Most lash serums can double as an eyebrow serum. This could potentially increase the density of your eyebrows. Who doesn’t love a two-for-one?

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