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4 Best EDC Pry Bar Tools

red textile beside brown and black machine

Schrade Pry Bar With Paracord Handle

The Schrade Pry Bar can be used as an EDC tool. It is made of powder-coated SK-5 carbon steel, and measures 7.5 inches in length. It’s longer than many fixed-blade knives we have carried in the backcountry. But, it’s not a bad thing.

This pry bar is a true tool. It can open crates, and even get out of locked rooms in an emergency. Although it is larger than other tools, it can save your life and provide a lot more value.

We loved the paracord wrap around handle and pair of nail pickers. You are probably already familiar with the 550 paracord. If not, suffice it to state that it is essentially a survival tool.

This bag is more like an EDC tool than a carry-all. This bag is a great option if you like to have a few more essentials in your bag or in your car.

BANGTI Titanium Punisher

The BANGTI Titanium Punisher, a small pry bar with a sleek design, is very attractive. It is made of lightweight, yet extremely strong titanium. The Punisher has a Punisher skull on the top and is rectangular in shape.

It is 2.95 inches in length and has 8 tools. It includes a bottle opener, pry bar/nail pulling tool, and six different sizes of hex wrenches. This tool kit offers a good selection of tools that can be used for minor and moderate tasks.

Split tip allows the pry bar to be used for pulling nails and stripping wires. The tip is also fine enough to be used for cutting open boxes.

The BANGTI Titanium Punisher, all in all, is a great tool for pry bars and is very affordable.

Schrade SCTPT Keychain Pry Tool

The Schrade SCTPT keychain prybar tool is designed for EDC. It is made of stonewashed Titanium and has a variety of useful functions.

These include a strap cutter, flathead screwdriver and bottle opener as well as 6 hex wrenches and a small hole for a lanyard. This covers all the items you might need a small prybar for.

This tool’s strap cutter was the most useful and surprising part. It was sharp enough to cut through zip ties, cords, and straps without catching in our pockets. The bottle opener worked well and the prybar was adequate for small tasks. We really enjoyed the Schrade SCTPT.

Swiss+Tech Micro Pry Bar

The Swiss+Tech Micro Slim Flat wrench is a lightweight multi-purpose pry bar tool. It is precision-crafted from stainless steel to give you sharp corners and edges.

You will find a variety of tools/functions in it, including a pair spoke wrenches and a pair of spoke wrenches.

It’s easy to perform basic tasks quickly without needing to use a multi-tool. Split tip pry bars are capable of pulling nails or even removing wires.

Overall, the Swiss+Tech Micro Slim prybar is a high-quality tool that has a lot of features.

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