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10 Ways to Get ‘Age Appropriate Standards’ to the Curb

woman leaning on black fence

Your attitude towards aging is influenced by how you look. We need to update our cars, television sets, phones, computers, microwaves, vacuum cleaners and coffee just as we do with dating. Avoiding ruts in hair, makeup and clothing that look like they have been there forever. Sure, we’ve changed. Although we have grayer hair and more wrinkles, that doesn’t mean we can’t wear leggings, leather, and leopard. These are 10 ways to look younger at 50 than at 25.

1. Wear a black leather jacket

We love wearing black. Black makes us feel modern, sleek and contemporary. A black leather jacket can be a bold, rebellious, and edgy addition to any outfit. Everybody needs a black leather jacket. But which one should you choose? For a street-smart style, choose a biker jacket with lots of zips and studs. A sleek bomber jacket for minimal polish is a good choice. And a buttery blazer has notched lapels for a modern twist on a classic. They can be worn with anything, day or night.

2. Show off your long hair

The short hair styles of bobs, crops and pixies are all very attractive. However, thick locks that last 50 years or more are a great way to stand out. Long flowing hair is an attractive look for mature people, regardless of whether it’s due to their amazing genes or the extra help of the fake-it department. A long, straight look is best for men with full hair.

Avoid long, wavy manes or stringy ponytails. For as low as $200, women can get temporary clip-in extensions (with braids and ponytails) or go to a salon for around $600 to $2,000. These can be taped, sewn, or glued in and need to be redoned every six to eight weeks. Shhhh! These are the reasons so many celebrities have long hair.

3. Every chance you have to choose leopard

It doesn’t really matter if the print you choose is leopard, ocelot, or cheetah. Animal spots are a great way to express your wild side. Leopard is the go-to print for confident women over 50. It is feminine, easier to wear than zebra or tiger, and it mixes well with black and brown, beige, red, and blue denim.

Do not worry about looking sloppy or over-exposed. Wear one piece of leopard at a time, and keep it simple. To make the most of leopard, choose a classic dress, jumpsuit, or coat with minimal trendy details. Or, use leopard as an accent in shoes or a scarf, belt, or bag to give your basic wardrobe a pop of style.

4. Unexpected colors are a great way to add some color!

Candy-colored brights are almost always worn by Queen Elizabeth II. This is a great way to make your age seem younger and stand out from the crowd. For a freshening effect, women can choose bold colors such as red, yellow, orange, or pink. Men can also opt for rich blues, greens, and vice versa. Fashionistas may be able to pair bright colors with bold combinations, such as yellow pants and a pink top. But it is best to stick with one color.

5. Learn how to look great in jeans

Many of us will never let go of our Levi’s or Mother Denim jeans. They are a universal necessity, regardless of your size, shape, and age. Straight-leg jeans in black and blue are timeless classics. They should fit just above or below your waist. It is important to consider the length of your jeans. Jeans should not puddle at the hem for men. But it shouldn’t be excessively so. An ankle-cropped length is best for women with different shoe heights.

Avoid skinny jeans, slender cuts with wide legs or distressed jeans that show skin. The best way to wear jeans is to add a tee, light sweater (V-to-boatneck), a black leather jacket and some sneakers. You can dress it up by adding a blouse, festive flats, or chunky pumps to her outfit. For him, a button-down, blazer, and lace-ups are all you need.

6. Get new glasses, readers, and sunglasses

Your glasses should not be visible on your face. The most common “age-appropriate” glasses are either rimless or wire-rimmed. They’re intended to be invisible and make you look younger. Your outdoor and indoor glasses should be unapologetically stylish. Bold angular frames in black and tortoise are hard to miss. However, subtle cat-eyes for women give the same effect as Botox and eyeliner. You can tint your Rx lenses with a subtle blue or lavendar color to make them look more snappy. This will hide under-eye bags and fatigue throughout the day.

7. Style your clothes

Even though most people just throw them on, don’t just put them on. Your clothes can go from boring to stunning with a little effort and some strategic moves. This is how stylists make simple items look appealing on displays, online and in advertisements. These are some ways to spice up your how-tos. Pair big, tall, full, or long jackets with slim bottoms. Wear a fitted top and a full-length A-line skirt. You can create a monochromatic, one-color look from head to toe. Then you can vary the textures and tones. For guys, you can add a scarf or eye-catching sneakers to create a scene-stealing look.

8. Give your hair a natural un-coiffed look

It doesn’t matter how long or short your hair is, or what products, tools or treatments you use to achieve the look, it should still look casual. A hairstyle that is too neat, precise, one-color, stiff, slick, or sticky at 50 is considered dated. The hair that is not appropriate for your age moves with choppy ends, delicate layers, wisps around your face, pieces, curls, and waves that break up the straight look. It can be tangled and tossed and it looks so easy to manage. It looks possible, but in an elevated way. The color is a mixture of colors that have been balayaged to mix gray and fake. Make some changes and take control!

9. Show off your figure

There are phases in our bodies that see weight fluctuations and gains. Every age has its own weight fluctuations and gains. Do not let this be a time to show off in baggy, shapeless or oversize clothes. As Generation Z and millennials know, defining your waistline and curves is the best way to keep or get back in body-positive mode. This keeps you motivated and confident. Knits, wrap dresses and jumpsuits that allow you to tuck or partially tuck your pants will make your silhouette stand out.

10. Take some risks

There is no reason to believe that “shoulds” and “should-nots” are wrong anymore. No matter how tempting, you should avoid the trends of your past. You can also wear T-shirts (yes, even tees!) Jackets with extended shoulders, plunging V-bodysuits and corsets (even Madonna gave up those!).

We don’t want to appear too young. Fashion can show more of you if you allow it. Celebs can sometimes push fashion to the limits. Don’t be afraid to follow their lead, but don’t let it stop you from being creative. Add pearls to your wardrobe, stack those bracelets, put on a hat, and get those red shoes. You will know when it is enough.

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