two babies and woman sitting on sofa while holding baby and watching on tablet

10 Ways to be the laziest mom (and Why It’s Worth Trying)

two babies and woman sitting on sofa while holding baby and watching on tablet

Did you know that National Lazy Mom’s Day is a thing? Most likely not. You’re too busy being a mom to keep track. The fact that Mother’s Day is a separate day encourages us to do nothing, even though some mothers don’t get to relax as much. We really don’t mind if you do.

Being a lazy mom for one day will at least highlight how much you care about you and your family. Here are some ways to celebrate this beautiful new American holiday, which is celebrated today (September, 3).

Make your family ready

National Lazy Mom’s Day (which is not as well-known and marketed as Mother’s day), is new to the holiday scene. It will take time for family education and training to celebrate it properly. Now it is the time for you to explain its significance and give hints as to what you will or won’t do. You can say things like “Remember, September 3rd, Lazy Mom’s Day. No problem if you just need a hug or a kiss. Ask your father for anything else.”

You can sleep in

We understand that this might not be possible due to Lazy Mom’s Day falling on a school holiday or not. This is not the time when moms are able to unwind. If your partner has a flexible work schedule, you can ask them to take over school prep. You can prepare what you need the night before, and then hide under the covers until the bus arrives.

You can give your children extra sleep if they haven’t yet started school. Make sure to prepare bowls with their favorite cereals and wrap them in plastic wrap the night before. Place a cup of milk on a low shelf in the refrigerator that your kids can pour into themselves. Next, instruct them to turn on their TV or iPad until they get up. For little ones who don’t yet know how to surf the internet, Alexa-enabled remotes can be a great help. You can have your little one pop down to tell the remote control “Put On Disney Jr.” while you snooze.

Look up quietly at the ceiling

It’s true, binge-watching all day the Great British Baking Show sounds great. Have you ever tried staring at the ceiling and being silent? After witnessing the chaos of three siblings fighting over literally everything, and the third-born trying to grab his share of the attention pie through shouting, we can confirm that it is wonderful to just breathe and be still. It may also lead to our next earth-shattering suggestion.

Take some time for your mid-day shuteye

One of the most tragic ironies in life is that children, who have the easiest job of all, resist mid-day sleep. We, their almost catatonic parents can’t think of anything we’d rather do. Enjoy a nap outside of normal hours on your special day. It’s hard to overstate the satisfaction of sneaking in a nap when you’d otherwise be driving or overseeing piano practice. We have some creative ways to get slumber in the midst of all the children.

Do no chores

It may seem obvious but for many of us who are used to rearranging everything in every room, it is not. This is your No Chore Day. Tell your children that they will be washing dishes or putting out food in the cabinets. Your kids will inevitably complain that it is unfair. You will naturally reply “Every other day” to your kids when they complain about National Lazy Kids Day. Even if you fail, there will still be evidence that you did a lot of work around the house.

Cooking is not for the love of God

This one should go without saying. However, if you’re the main sandwich- and dinner-maker at your home, then take the day off. It’s never too late to show your children how to make peanut butter and jelly. When your beloved babies are asking what’s for dinner, you can answer them. Takeout, darlings. Take. Take.

Make up “games” by lying down

This assumes that your children are still alive and expect you to care for them. If you are still surrounded with your children, one way to let go of the lazy is to lie down. You have many creative and easy ways to entertain your children while you are supine. We suggest the “What’s on My Butt” game. This involves you lying face down, and your child placing random, unidentified objects on you. Your child will ask what they are and then place them back where they belong. Fingers crossed.

Keep in line with the theme “parenting without moving”, draw some “train tracks” on an old t-shirt using a Sharpie. While you get a massage, invite your child to drive the train around the tracks. Other viable ideas for parenting while horizontal include: “Guess what letter I’m drawing with my finger” and letting them go hog wild with makeup on your sure-to-look-clownish but blissfully unmoving face.

Unplug social media

It’s tempting to scroll, shop, or just chuckle all day on Instagram and TikTok. But, it’s best to give social media a break. It can be fun, but it can also lead to a toxic, time-sucking, and compare-and-despair rabbit hole. You might not need to check it every day, and you can make room in your beautiful head for just being. The same goes for WhatsApp group chats. You can relax and let go of all your notifications.

Do your pre-mom favorite thing

What was your favourite thing to do before you had children? You could travel, hike, paint or meditate. You can think back to the time before you had children, when you seemed to have unlimited time to pursue your passions and interests. Now it’s time to go and do something you haven’t done for years. While you won’t be able to travel all the way to Paris, you can still visit a new city, go to a flea market or just relax in a dark cinema and forget about your “real” life for a bit.

Enjoy some pampering

There’s always the option of a good old-fashioned spa day. Go for acupuncture, manicures, pedicures, massages.

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