woman in brown coat and blue denim jeans sitting on gray metal bench during daytime

10 Spring Wardrobe Essentials You Should Try Before Summer

woman in brown coat and blue denim jeans sitting on gray metal bench during daytime

The changing seasons are always difficult to dress for. I believe spring is the most difficult season due to the unpredictable weather. We get a lot of wind and rain.

A spring wardrobe must-have is one of the best ways to ensure your wardrobe is ready for the season. You can add any spring trends to your wardrobe once you have the basics such as a white t-shirt, lightweight jacket, and short sleeves.

These are my top 10 spring wardrobe items that every woman should own.

1. Short Sleeve T-Shirt

A timeless white t-shirt can be your go-to piece in all seasons. The t-shirt is great for layering, as well as looking good on its own.

2. White Sneakers

Sneakers are still a big trend. A pair of white sneakers, crisp and clean, will look great with any spring outfit.

3. Cardigan or Sweater for Spring

While I still wear sweaters at this time of the year, I have put aside my heavy sweaters and wool. A lightweight sweater or cardigan in pretty spring colors is my favorite.

4. Lightweight jacket

My most used spring outerwear is a trench coat. The trench coat can be worn over leggings, or as a whole outfit to tie it all together. This time of year, I love a denim jacket or utility jacket as well as blazers.

5. Jeans in Light Wash

Spring is all about lighter washes and more straight-leg and cropped styles of jeans. They are my favorite pair of jeans lately, and I’m loving them more every time I wear them.

6. Spring Dresses

A spring dress is perfect for running errands, going out on date night, to church, or just to wear while on vacation. It can be styled with sneakers or sandals and a jean jacket.

7. Mules and Clogs

It’s too cold to wear sandals this time of the year and I’m sick of wearing ankle booties so closed-toe shoes for spring are essential. Clogs and mules are very much in fashion for spring, but I love these ballet flats.

8. Blouse for Transition

A statement blouse and jeans are my go-to look year round. So it’s not surprising that a beautiful blouse is one of my spring wardrobe staples. You can go simple with a white button down or make it more feminine with ruffles or smocking.

9. Neutral Handbag

While colorful bags can be fun, I suggest a neutral handbag for spring. This time of year, I love a rattan handbag.

10. Jeans in white

White jeans can be worn all year, but I prefer to wear mine in spring and summer. These jeans are great to have in your spring wardrobe. I love the relaxed style of them. Tight white jeans are not my favorite.

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