silhouette of hugging couple

10 signals that you found a perfect man

silhouette of hugging couple

Everyone knows the ending. The lead lady meets her true love and lives happily ever after. It’s possible to find your perfect man anywhere, even though most women search high and low. These are proven signs that he is the right man.

1. He has plans for a future together

The right guy isn’t content with talking about today. He is interested in growing old together. He doesn’t see it as a short-term affair. He knows there is more. Perhaps he speaks about starting a family. Maybe he went to Ethan Lord already to find the perfect ring. Whatever the case, a man who doesn’t fear the future is a keeper.

2. He has goals

This man isn’t content with the status quo. He puts his ideas and dreams to work. Ambitious men are not afraid to take on challenges and set new standards. He is willing to take the risk, even if he does face some setbacks.

3. He is a nice guy

It doesn’t make sense that nice guys should be last. A hidden gem is a man who treats all people with respect. It doesn’t matter whether he’s speaking to his family members or someone he meets on the street. This kind of guy doesn’t place himself above other people.

4. He apologizes

McDreamy is not the only one who is wrong all the time. True winners are those who know when to apologize. He not only says “I’m sorry” when it is most important, but also makes an effort to never make the same mistake again.

5. He loves to be hugged and kissed

Some women value physical touch. A man who is a good guy will enjoy smooching with his woman and love a good bear hug. He may not be open to public displays of affection but he is always willing to share a passionate kiss behind closed doors.

6. He isn’t afraid of his feelings

Contrary to popular belief showing emotion doesn’t mean you are weak. A guy who is able to express his emotions often has more to offer. He won’t hide his emotions while watching a romantic comedy and isn’t afraid of putting his reputation at risk for his love. The dream man is always honest with his woman.

7. He puts his health first

60% of men skip going to the doctor. Some men put it off due to other obligations, while others fear the prospect of finding out if there is something wrong. The right man puts his health first, and takes care of himself even when he isn’t in the hospital.

8. He helps around the house

Housework is not just for women. A great man will get up and help around the house after a hard day. He doesn’t mind getting dirty, whether he cleans the bathroom, does the dishes or takes out the trash.

9. He believes in open communication

While disagreements are a part of every relationship, the most successful ones will always be open about their problems. The ideal guy isn’t angry at his partner or holds grudges. He communicates as an adult and tries to find a solution.

10. He wants a strong woman

Many men are intimidated by strong, independent women. However, the right man wants his lady to pursue her dreams. He encourages her every step of the way and boasts about her achievements to anyone he meets.

There’s someone for everyone. Finding the perfect man is not always easy. It might take kissing many frogs to find the perfect man, but it is well worth the effort.

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