pair of brown leather boots beside bet

10 Key Casual Outfits for Men

pair of brown leather boots beside bet

All Black

An all-black smart casual look is a great choice if you are unsure what to wear or how to style. Tonal black clothing looks sleek and sophisticated. It is also easy to wear, and almost always makes you appear slimmer. You also get a sense of calm that is often missing in more colorful looks.

Be sure to include a variety of textures in your outfit. You can use leather, moleskin or cotton twill to add visual interest and keep your outfit from looking too flat.

Blazer with Jeans

This timeless combination is a classic casual look, but it must be done right. You will want an unstructured cut with natural, unpadded shoulders for the blazer. This makes it more casual and doesn’t look like you just tossed your suit jacket over any pair of jeans. The jeans should be straight and dark, either black or deep indigo, to complement the smartness of your blazer.

Elevated Casualwear

You can dress casually but still look smart. Look for casual pieces that you are comfortable with but made in luxurious fabrics. Bomber jackets made in leather or suede T-shirts made from merino wool, cashmere knitwear – these pieces are usually worn casually, but they look great when made of these fabrics.

Knitted Polos

The knitted polo is perhaps the most versatile of all the options. Knitted polos look more casual than a shirt, but are smarter than a crewneck thanks to their collar. They can be worn with tailored clothing, but they also look great over a crisp pair denim jeans.

It is versatile and easy to wear. You can find one in classic navy, brown, or olive green.

Lose the Tie

A suit without a tie is one way to dress up for a formal, casual event. It seems simple, right? There are a few things to remember, however. You can keep the suit casual by choosing a unstructured, single-breasted style and pairing it with an Oxford, grandad collar or denim shirt.

It can be worn over loafers, boat shoes or Derbies. These subtle changes will make you stand out from the rest of the desk jockeys who have escaped to their offices at 6pm.

Roll Neck

The turtleneck was once a reserved for comedy villains and academics. However, it has gained immense popularity with men realising its versatility as a smart casual staple. For a casual look that is both sophisticated and relaxed, simply wear your roll neck with any shirt you would normally pair it with.

Split it up

Separating tailoring into separates has been a long-standing way to make a suit more casual. You can make the suit more casual by wearing two different pieces of tailoring.

You can combine cords with a textured jacket or a pair of cords with white trousers. Or, you can try a Riviera-inspired look with navy pants and a jacket. You can also get more wear out of the pieces that you already have.

Shirt and Knits

Layering a shirt underneath knitwear is a classic casual look. You can layer a shirt under knitwear in a variety of styles, including a V-neck, crew neck, cardigan, or cable knit. They look great and provide warmth during the winter months.

Substitution of shirts

You can also mix up the suit by taking off the shirt. The shirt is often seen as an accessory to the suit. It frames the face and compliments the formality of the tailoring. The suit will look more casual and relaxed if you remove the shirt. It’s hard to beat a well-cut Tshirt when worn under a light, unstructured suit. But for autumn, a classic knitted polo, or cricket jumper, can add a touch of style and surprise.

White Legwear

These trousers are not for the faint-hearted but white jeans or trousers can be the perfect backbone to a casual, smart look. White trousers are often associated with warmer climates. They have an Italian Riviera-inspired look that makes them great for wear to cocktail parties or beach weddings.

Dress them down with neutral wardrobe staples like jackets or knitwear in brown or navy if you have the nerve to try them. Stick to G&Ts, and any other items that won’t leave a mark.

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