person's standing on brown sand during daytime

10 Body Language Cues No Lady Can Resist

person's standing on brown sand during daytime

Did you know that body language is more than 70% of how you communicate? A lot can be said about how you feel and think, from your facial expressions to where you place your hands and even how you stand.

The ability to gauge emotions via facial expressions is better for women than it is for men. Attracting women is not about what you say, but what her body says.

This article will examine 10 body language cues that men can’t resist for women.

Let’s get started…

#1 Consistent Eye Contact

Strong eye contact attracts women. Even if your body language is perfect, if you don’t have the ability to look at her or force eye contact, it will undermine all the effort you put in.

Imagine that someone is staring straight into your eyes while you talk to them. This would make it uncomfortable. You’d also feel uncomfortable if someone is staring at you from all angles, other than your eyes, while you talk to them.

How can you achieve balance?

According to Michigan State University research, eye contact should be made 50% of the times you talk and 70% while listening. This means that you should make eye contact with women for approximately 4-5 seconds.

Just long enough to allow you to smile and continue the conversation.

#2 Roll Your Shoulders

Men’s shoulders are a good body language cue. Your posture may be an issue if you, like 65 million Americans, spend hours on your computer every day. Poor posture should not be a concern when you are trying to attract women.

If you slump your shoulders, you give the impression you are intimidated by those around you.

You might be wrong and your posture may make it appear that you are trying to hide from the outside world.

You can use this small trick to make sure you are aware of the body language cues women love. Pull your shoulders back and hold them there. It’s easy! Although you might feel uncomfortable initially, your back will become stronger and you will appear more confident to women.

#3 Make a Statement

Man’s posture is an important cue in body language. Confident men are more attractive to women than confident women. The key to demonstrating confidence is your standing.

Your confidence and strength can be demonstrated by keeping your feet shoulder width apart. Next, raise your chin and let your arms rest at your sides.

Talk to a woman by pointing your feet directly at her. If she is speaking to you, and you are facing away or to the side, this could be a sign she doesn’t like you.

#4 Take Care of Your Hands

Believe it or not, women also look at your body language to determine how approachable and approachable you are. Your hands can play an important role in this.

Women love to see a small amount of your hands. This will make her feel at ease and allow you to be available right now.

You don’t have to just wave your hands in front of her, but make hand gestures with her that include raising your palms when you talk.

#5 Show Interest

Attractive is a man who shows interest in women’s conversations. Women will be attracted to men who listen. Your body language can tell if you are truly listening.

Face her, as we have already said. This will show her that you are attentive to her needs and that you are interested in her. Be present and give her the full attention she deserves.

Conversations will flow easily and she’ll pick-up on your intentions.

#6 Take on Your Fidget

Do you shake your legs or fidget with your hands? This could be a sign you are nervous or that you don’t care about the situation.

This can be difficult if you are meeting a woman for first time. You will be more attractive if you show self-control and don’t fidget through controlled and collected movements.

Women who love men with confidence will be more attracted to women who are controlled and deliberate in their movements. This will make everyone around you feel more secure.

Don’t forget that you are not a robot!

#7 Fix Your Clothes

Man fixing clothes is a beautiful body language cue. If a woman approaches your table, fix her clothes to show that you are interested in her.

Although it may sound redundant, this simple gesture will show her you are proud of yourself. This will show her that you care about her if you do it often.

This can be achieved by simply ‘fixing’ your hair, or just arranging your sleeves. It should look natural. You are doing it for her.

#8 Make Sure You Have Enough Personal Space to Be Comfy

Women who are comfortable at work or in public transport will notice you if they’re there.

Don’t make her feel uncomfortable by taking up too much space. Instead, take control of the space you have by putting your keys and phone on the table, relaxing, and letting go.

You will appear smaller and more distant from a woman if you are in a small space. Women are more attracted to men who see them as equals and work with them.

A quick note: If you can, always sit right next to her. This makes it easier for you to show her that you care about her.

#9: The Welcome Walk

A confident walk is a sign of confidence. Imagine that you are walking down the street and you pass a man walking towards you, his head down and his hands in his pockets. He is in his own world. This gives you an impression.

Although this man may seem unapproachable, you don’t need to be. Keep your head up, shoulders back and chest out when you walk. This is about being open and accepting of the world around you.

#10 Mirror her Moves

A man mirroring his girlfriend’s movements is a very attractive sign. Mirroring the mannerisms of someone is a way to show that you are listening, that you share their feelings, and that you also feel the same. This builds trust and shows women that you are paying attention.

Mirroring a woman’s movements does not mean making fun of her. Think more about small gestures, head tilts, placing your hand on the chin, and that kind of thing.

This will let her know that you are interested in her and increase her attraction to you.

One terrible idea

When speaking to a woman that you are interested in, don’t cross your arms. Crossing your arms signals that you aren’t interested in being approached. This sign closes your body and makes it appear that you don’t want anyone to approach you.

Last Thoughts for Body Language Cues that Ladies Can’t Resist

Confident men show women how much they care. Your body language speaks for you and shows that you are interested in her.

You don’t need to be shy about talking to her. These little gestures can help you create a positive image that makes her feel supported and at ease.

Show her confidence and that you are confident. When you are ready to ask her out, it’s more likely that she will say “Yes!”

Remember that practice makes perfect. Practice your posture, walk, and eye contact to make women more attracted.

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