topless man wearing black fitted cap

What is beard oil and how to choose one?

topless man wearing black fitted cap

A well-groomed mustache is just so attractive and satisfying. This has been proven time and again by Chris Hemsworth as well as Hugh Jackman and George Clooney, Bradley Cooper and Idris Elba.

A man may be a man with a beard, or perhaps you are looking for a way to maintain your hair’s health.

There are many products that can be used to groom your beard. These include combs and shampoos as well as conditioners and butters. But beard oil is the most important. Some beard oils aren’t very fragrant, but others can smell as good as cologne.

First, let me tell you why beard oil is important.

It conditions your beard and prevents dandruff. Oil protects your skin and keeps it soft. A frizzy, untidy, flakey, smelly beard with no other purpose than to gather crumbs is not cute.

We believe beard oil should not be considered an additional step in your skincare regimen.

  • Scent

Your preference in scent will determine the best beard oil. There are many scents that can be used in beard oils, from sweet to spicy to fruity to musky and earthy to sweet. Men prefer a masculine experience with woody notes such as ambrox.

However, it is possible to use scents that are more musky or fruity. The scent of a beard oil should be determined by the person who uses it.

  • Price

Brand and ingredients are the main factors that influence the cost of beard oil. Tom Ford’s beard oil is more expensive than the Kiehls’ beard oil.

If the ingredients of an oil are valuable or rare, it will increase the price. You will typically see the words “rare” or “imported” on the label. This means that you will also be paying a high price.

  • Brand

Many brands offer hair and grooming services for men. Hawkins & The Ritual of Samurai and Kiehl’s are some examples. There are also labels that sell more expensive beard oils, such as Acqua Di Paarma, Tom Ford, and Le Labo.

You may be concerned about the price, ethical labor, sustainable ingredients, and cruelty-free testing. Brands have different loyalties, personalities and it is important to evaluate whether they are aligned with you.

  • Hair Type

What type of hair do you have? This is not about your hair on the head. That’s another article. Beard care products can be just as selective and picky as hair products.

You should look for a beard oil with deep moisturizing properties that is softening and not drying your coarse, dry beard hair. You may also want something to tame and shape curly or thick beard hair.

A little bit of beard oil can make your grooming more fun. These oils have more benefits than their fragrance: they moisturize, smoothen, and don’t clog pores. You can also use them for skincare.

What beard oil is the best for sensitive skin?

You should avoid beard oils that contain irritants or comedogenic ingredients such as parabens, ascorbic acid, parabens, and other alpha-hydroxy acids like glycolic, malic and lactic acid if you have sensitive skin.

Heavy fragrances can also cause skin irritation. Therefore, you should avoid scented oils. You’ll see that certain brands are more concerned about skin safety and overall health if you take a look at our list.

Nevertheless, Elemis, Kiehl’s and The Ritual of Samurai are some of the top brands for sensitive skin.

What beard oils cost the least?

Hawkins is the most affordable beard oil on our list, at $15, followed by Brimble ($15), Seven Potions and Baxter of California options, which are all within the $20 price range.

Final thoughts

Personal care services such as hairstyling or aesthetics have faced many challenges over the past year. It’s becoming more important than ever to keep the right products in your arsenal for after-care. We hope you’re able to make an informed decision about which beard oil is right for you after reading this list.

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